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This page contains links that used to be on the front page.
The links are no longer guaranteed to work, but I checked them all in December 2005.
Please think of this as an historical document, illustrating the early years of the World Wide Web.
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Monday, December 29, 1997: New Who's Who entries: Michael Boshears, Carol Dennis, Howie Epstien (sp?), Eddie Freeman, David A. Noebel, Arthur Rosato.

Sunday, December 28: Remember The Dylan Atlas? It is alive and well at Panama Hat's place.

Sunday, December 28: Kennedy Center Honors described.

Sunday, December 28: Thinking Twice, a new BDX.

Wednesday, December 25: New picture here was borrowed from

Wednesday, December 25: The Gentle Harpist, a new BDX.

Wednesday, December 24: Setlists and reports from the recent Club tour.

Sunday, December 21: A score of corrections have been made to the T-list and related pages. Thanks to Lonesome Sparrow!

Saturday, December 20: Baby Bob, a new BDX.

Saturday, December 20: Setlists and reports from the El Rey Theatre.

Thursday, December 18: Peach Chat Room - in case the one below (The Grey Room) does not work.

Wednesday, December 17: DylanChat is gone; this URL (The grey Room)has been suggested as a replacement. I offer no guarantee, but suggest you try it out if you are among those left stranded (though you're doin' your best to deny it). Feedback welcome!

Tuesday, December 16: 4 titles added to the "T-list" of UNofficial Bob Dylan CDs.

Monday, December 15: Setlist from the Metro in Chicago. David Bromberg helped out.

Sunday, December 14: 12 titles added to the "T-list" of UNofficial Bob Dylan CDs.

Sunday, December 14: Non Dylan Content: Plan for the Preservation of Norwegian Sound Recordings.

Sunday, December 14: Setlist and review from the Metro in Chicago.

Friday, December 12: The old DylanChat server is down. I could not get the machine connected to the Net. Consider it permanently closed, I am sorry to say. I suggested people try a replacement at TalkCity last night, but it seems nobody had any good experience with that one.

Friday, December 12: Setlist and review from the Trocadero, Philadelphia.

Tuesday, December 9: Pay a visit to Fuzzlogic and their Luna Kafé e-zine!

Tuesday, December 9: Reviews of the Irving Plaza concert.

Monday, December 8: Washington Post article on the Kennedy Center Honors. See also John Lewis.

Monday, December 8: I had two Swedish journalists visiting me for about two and a half hours today. Their article about Expecting Rain will be printed and on the paper's web site some time during Christmas.

Thursday, December 4: Free Dylan Live CD in the US, details at

Tuesday, December 2: First day at the new address. Please send comments to

971110: Gadfly Magazine article on Dylan.

971109: Rhyme Out Of Mind - A poem in the BDX!

971109: A new Beneath The Waves review of Eyes Of The Idol.

971107: Greil Marcus: "Lost In America: Bob Dylan's 'Time Out of Mind' Conjures Images of an Endless Highway"

971106: A German vinyl release of "Time Out Of Mind" is a bit late,
reportedly because the cover design will be altered or added to.

971105: A page of interesting News Items - Bob makes a video.

971104: Orange County Register Duke Robillard interview where he talks about working with Dylan.

971102: Tracy Johnson and Patricia West write:
We are currently working on a Bob Dylan book titled If You See Him Say Hello. The book is a compilation of stories and anecdotes from fans across the world who have made contact with Bob. Thus far, we have received contributions from Japan to New Mexico and are definitely in the market for more. All contributors will receive a free copy of the book upon publication. Contact

Chris Rollason reviews Greil Marcus' "Invisible Republic".

971102: A new Beneath The Waves review of

971102: Why..., a new BDX.

971031: Not Dark Yet performed in Columbus, Georgia!.

New Musical Express review of UK concerts.

A preview of the cover of Eyes Of The Idol, a new UNofficial CD.

971016: Bob Dylan was presented with the Lillian Gish Award this week, for making
"an outstanding contribution to the beauty of the world and to mankind's
enjoyment and understanding of life."

971019: The Norwegian newspaper VG had a Dylan interview in their Sunday paper.

David Bowman reviews "Time Out of Mind" in Salon Magazine. With 792 K sound clip from Love Sick

The Songs of Jimmie Rodgers

I Want You, a new BDX.

Setlists and reports from the August tour.

Bob has talked on the phone to Edna Gundersen in USA Today.
He will play for the Pope in Bologna at the World Eucharistic Congress on September 27.
Dates in the UK early October have been announced.

On Sunday, Dec. 7, in Washington, D.C. Bob Dylan will be presented with the Kennedy Center Awards, together with actress Lauren Bacall, actor Charlton Heston, singer Jessye Norman and choreographer Edward Villella.

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