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Sunday, December 31 (New Year's Eve 2000):
A glimpse into Bob Dylan's lost years - (the age) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Pray tell, ye ministers of sound - (Irish Independent)

Seven Years in the Life Beatles - (NYbooks)

Saturday, December 30:
Golden Globes 2001 poll In the lead for "Best Original Song": Björk - (imdb) (link found by Bjarne D. Jensen)
"Leanin' on Bob (The r.m.d Song)" by Will Rigby (
Remembering The Band's Rick Danko - (Yahoo!) (link found by lujayne)
Health and harmony - (Times)

Friday, December 29:
Books: What's On The Shelf Two new Dylan books - (Newsweek) (link found by Jack Regan)
The Expecting Rain Corner Shop is a page where I aim to give you links to book, CDs, DVDs and other items that might be of interest.
'Pops' Staples - (Guardian)

Thursday, December 28:
"Never Ending Tour" To be released on February 28, 2001 (SRCS-2438)(title not yet confirmed). Looks like a Japan only release live compilation CD. - (Sony Japan) (link found by Nishimura, Itsuko)
Bob Dylan Mind-Map has been cancelled. Refresh screens for latest info.
George Harrison interview - (Radio Undercover) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
VH1 Counts Down The '100 Greatest Albums of Rock & Roll' Four Dylan LPs - (Company News) (link found by Klewan, Andrew A.)
La Top 100 di Rolling Stone? de gustibus - (kwradio) (link found by Mario Mazziol)
The Other Ones Truck On Sans Garcia - (Worldnews / AP) (link found by Klewan, Andrew A.)
Stagger Lee / Stag-O-Lee / Stagolee/ Stack-A-Lee / Stack O'Lee - (blueslyrics) (link found by Eric Whelchel)
Przez ile dróg - s?. i muz. Bob Dylan Polish "Blowin' In The Wind" mp3, look for Przez ile dróg - s?- (Romana Roczenia) (link found by Artur Jarosinski)

Wednesday, December 27:
My mother is 80 today! Happy birthday, Mor!
''Oh, mama...'' Vaccine development - (Boston Globe)
Memorable concerts 2. Bob Dylan, Molson Amphitheatre, July 18: The reticent troubadour, having played brilliantly for two hours, nearly had to be hauled from the stage at the end of his set. - (Toronto Star)
Don't Look Back on Sundance tonight 5:45 PM EST.
Puccini and Emmylou, the spirit of my salvation - (the age)

Tuesday, December 26, 2nd Christmas Day in Norway:
Bob Dylan Mind-Map The definitive Dylan expose about to close. Get your say. - (Learners Realm)

Monday, December 25, Christmas Day:
Freewheelin' site updated with a new "Tape News" plus details of "Volume 18" which will be published on 1st January.
Mike Bloomfield bio - (Chicago Tribune) (link found by lujayne)
Return To Me (lyrics) - (Dean Martin Fan Center) Familiarize yourself with the song through Napster. It might come in handy next year!

Sunday, December 24, Christmas Eve:
It's alive, alive-oh - Gigs of the year - (Irish Independent)
George Harrison: 'All Things' In Good Time - (Billboard) (link found by lmnierse)
'O Brother': This One's a Keeper - (Washington Post) (link found by Charles W. Prince) From
Beck, Slash, Courtney Love Between Covers Of 'Jews Who Rock' - (SonicNet) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
After 1999's Glitches, Y2K Offers Reassurance - (LA Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
That high lonesome sound Album of the Year: Johnny Cash - (Irish Independent) From
Clinton, not Clint, made my day Kennedy Center Honors - (the Star)

Saturday, December 23:
Best Wishes For Russia In New Year ...a wish that Bob Dylan would finally visit Russia - (Moscow Times)
All Things Considered July 26, 2000 Celebrity: Commentator Reynolds Price reflects on his brief encounters with various celebrities from Orson Welles to Bob Dylan. - (NPR) (RealAudio)
Stealth plan puts copy protection into every hard drive - (NDC) (The Register)

Friday, December 22:
Interviews from the Official Jewish Mothers' Hall of Fame - Beatty Rutman: Bob Dylan's Mother - (Jewhoo!) (link found by Larry Shapiro)
Tomorrow, December 23, at 9:30PM, the band It Ain't Me, Bob will play Dylan music at Le Bal du Lézard, 1049, 3rd avenue, in Quebec City, Canada. They play songs like One More Cup of Coffee, Most of the Times, Tight Connection to My Heart, Blind Willie McTell, Love Sick, New Pony and more... They play it their way. Their versions of Love Sick, Most of the Times and New Pony are especially interesting... (tip from Christian Tourtereau)
Writer finds common ground with Jews who rock 'n' roll - (Los Angeles Times ) (link found by Jesse Shanks) Jews Who Rock from - -
The Woodstock Sessions: Songs of Bob Dylan First all Australian Bob Dylan tribute album - (Rhythms Magazine)
The Bob Test - Can you pass it? - (20 lbs. of Headines)
How Eartha got her groove back (NDC) - (Telegraph)
'Oh Brother' A Boon For Ralph Stanley - (Billboard) (link found by Tom Fischer (God Jul, Tom!))
Jeff Buckley Fans Booted from Napster Watch out, there is a cover of Dylan's "Farewell Angelina" mentioned... - (Rolling Stone)
Travis Back in the Studio Will cover "You're a Big Girl Now" - (Rolling Stone)
Roots/Trad/Folk Highlights 2000 - (Irish Times) (link found by Jack Regan)
Itchy & Poppy "Things Have Changed," "best single of the year"- (washingtoncitypaper) (link found by Ben Grillot)
Bob Dylan - ett liv (Swedish) - (feber)

Thursday, December 21:
"Wonder Boys" on DVD Jan 9 from will include the video for Dylan's "Things Have Changed" (tip from Alex García)
"Duluth Does Dylan" sold out, except from a few copies at CD Baby and Electric Foetus (phone orders). Another run of the record should arrive to retailers the middle of January.
"Hurricane" dial up tone for your Nokia mobile phone (And "All Along The Watchtower" - Jimi Hendrix!) - (Sun)
Golden Globe nominations - (Golden Globe) (link found by Alex Leik and Jack Regan)
Full Nelson Rick Nelson box set includes "She Belongs To me" - (Chicago Tribune) From -
George Harrison Talks Catalog Reissues Bangla Desh, Wilburies - (Billboard) (link found by Alex Leik)

Wednesday, December 20:
"Things Have Changed" suitability ... contains lines about a woman sitting on the singer's lap, drinking champagne, as well as the word "hell." - (ScreenIt) (link found by Tobias Levander)
`Pops' Staples dies at age 85 - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by Kris K)
The great idea that will never work Celestial jukebox would give subscribers any song, any time - (msnbc)

Tuesday, December 19:
Wildflower Child See last paragraph - (Black & White) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Golden Satelite Awards, Jan14 - Nominated for Best Original Song: Bob Dylan's "Things Have Changed" (Variety)
Kirsty MacColl has died - (dotmusic)
After 40 Years, Folk Singer Still Activist Peter Yarrow - (Chicago Tribune) (link found by lujayne)
Entertainment reviews for parents Is the Wallflowers' "Bringing Down The Horse" suitable listening for your kids? - (ScreenIt) (link found by L.L.)
Gray with added colour - (Observer) (link found by Frank Desmond)

Monday, December 18:
All Right Already - (feed) (link found by Peter Aaslestad)
The Double Life of a Beloved Insider Why did a top publicist to rock and movie stars use their names to swindle his friends? Paul Wasserman wanted to be rich and famous too - (LA Times) (link found by Jack Regan)

Sunday, December 17:
T Bone Burnett on "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" - (feed) (link found by Michael Britten)
Play, Dylan, Play "The Essential Bob Dylan" - Essential? That's an understatement. - (Jon Young in Newsday)
A Son's Playlist Sounds Familiar - (Chicago Tribune)
Truth is a Fixed Star - (Hodah)

Saturday, December 16:
Peter Stone Brown plays in Pennsylvania tonight, Sat 16th.
Roaming Rikers An in-depth portrait of the USA's largest penal colony - (NDC) (Village Voice)
" Bob Dylan Mind-Map entries accidentally deleted. We would appreciate people resubmitting their entries. Our apologies. (The Learners Realm)"
New URL for Maggie's Farm (Italian Dylan site)

Friday, December 15:
England: CP Lee's Old Time crew present Col Lee's Mounted Ratigators Annual Solstice Bash at The Kings Arms, Bloom Street, Salford on Wednesday, 20th December, at 9pm, admission free - This years special guests are 'The Buddy Dylan Experience' - who will be playing selections from their new album 'It's All Over Now, Peggy Sue' - Be afraid, be very afraid!
Rage Unleashes Free MP3s On Web Site Including Maggie's Farm - (Billboard) (link found by Alex Leik)

Thursday, December 14:
An American superstar in London - (CNN) (link found by Doung Evans, Rudy Veirman)
Duluth Does Dylan - (Spinout Records) (link found by Dave Plentus of
The Bridge has released a new issue, and updated their website.
Larry Campbell discography says three takes were recorded of "Things Have Changed" - (Larry Campbell site) (link found by Sam Worrad)
VH1 Awards Carlos Santana would like to work with Bob Dylan - (Billboard) (link found by Alex Leik)
Breach of Silence Jakob Dylan opens up about his music and his famous father in this exclusive video feature - (Rolling Stone)

Wednesday, December 13:
Bob Dylan Expanding Plans For His Next Tour (Australia) - (Virtual New York/UPI)
Dylan Festival in Austria May 2001
DylanArt - (
O sangue de Dylan - (Cosmo) (Portuguese) (link found by maria da piedad)
World's Biggest Jam Session will include BD (starting Dec 14th) - (Sun Studios) (link found by Nelson French)

Tuesday, December 12:
"The Sydney Morning Herald reports today that Dylan's Australian tour has been cancelled." (tip from Keith Wootton) But Sydney's Daily Telegraph Dec 12 says there is still hope: "Dishevelled ballader Bob Dylan, 59, could be heading to Australia next year. The singer's management have just confirmed his Japan dates and there is a window of opportunity, currently under negotiation, for Dylan to head here between March 17 - April 3." (tip from Patricia Jungwirth)
Cher's 1969 album "3614 Jackson Highway", with 3 Dylan covers (Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You, I Threw It All Away and Lay Lady Lay [as Lay Baby Lay ]), is being released by Rhino Handmade. The limited-edition (4,500), numbered CD can be pre-ordered only through the Rhino Handmade website and will ship Jan. 22 - (Rhinohandmade) (link found by Dave Plentus)
Folk Lore - (NY Times) 'Romancing the Folk' from - -
Review: Hail, hail, rock and roll writing! - (CNN) (link found by lujayne)
Blowin' iN The Wind - (Daily Collegian) (link found by Jon White)
UA senior new Rhodes Scholar Working on a paper exploring Dylan's philosophy - (Birmingham News) (link found by Jack Regan and Klewan, Andrew A.)
Duane Eddy: "Duane A Go-Go/Does Bob Dylan" (from 1965) at - -

Monday, December 11:
Etta James: Gotta Serve Somebody in RealAudio or WMF - (click2music) (link found by Jaap) lets you input text (at least 60 characters), then tells you which documents on the web contain much of the same text. It works!
They All Play On Pennywhistles New site of Dylan covers by Dylan fans - ( (link found by Sosíma Rex)
Jerry Wexler: A Man and a Half - (Austin Chronicle) (link found by Jon Lasser)
Jakob Dylan Returns With "Breach" - (Stepping Out Magazine) (link found by the jester on the sidelines)
Wallflowers contract clauses - (The Smoking Gun) (link found by Charles Sonnenburg)

Sunday, December 10:
Blue Bloods For Members Of The Wallflowers, The Roots Of Music Run Deep - (Buffalo News) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Bob Dylan Mind-Map Refresh screens for latest information. (The Learners Realm)

Saturday, December 9:
Castro the 'Lennonist' - (BBC News) (NDC)
A new Issue of "On the Tracks" is out, with an exclusive interview with Bob Johnston, producer of some of Dylan's best classic albums. Quote: "I still believe that he's the only prophet we've had since Jesus. I don't think people are gonna realize it for another two or three hundred years...". (The On the Tracks site has been "under heavy construction" for a mighty long time - will it ever be ready?)
2 can play 'what if' game Gore - Bush comment with one Dylan quote - (Denver Post)
Dylan meeting in Oslo, Norway tonight at the Two Dogs Pub! More info.
Deep Roots Could we be on the verge of a folk boom? - (Telegraph)
Some Dylan covers: Etta James covers 'Gotta Serve Somebody', Solomon Burke covers 'Mighty Quinn' and 'Lucky Old Sun' on "Proud Mary: The Bell Sessions". From (tips from Leonard)
Things have changed, but not Bob Dylan - (Seth Rogovoy, Berkshire Web) (link found by PSB)
"The Essential Klezmer: A Music Lover's Guide to Jewish Roots and Soul" - book by Seth Rogovoy.

Friday, December 8:
No news is good news. It was 20 years ago today that the news was particularly bad.
Cover Down Dylan covers by Rich Lerner And The Groove, favourably reviewd by Relix magazine - (Free The Music) (link found by Joe Slowtrain)

Thursday, December 7:
Bob Dylan Collection and Exhibit - (Hibbing Library) (link found by Nelson French)
Bono Is in My Computer! - (NDC) (VH1) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Who Let Wyclef Jean Out? - (NDC) (VH1) (link found by link found by Charles W. Prince)
Yoko: remember John's violent death - (NDC) (QOnline) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Dylan pasó por España - (Spanish) (link found by Alex García)
Pittsburgh pictures - (Christopher Leipold)
Hyde Park 1996 Pictures - (Clean Cut Kid) (link found by Steve Butterworth)
Oscar nonimations will be announced February 13 (Bob Dylan's "Things Have Changed" may be among them). (tip from Alex Leik)
Looking for the Real John Lennon - (NDC) (NY Times) (link found by Dan Selicaro)

Wednesday, December 6:
Jackson Browne Stands Up for Folk - (VH1) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Live - Early 2000 16 new downloads! - (Cambridge Bob Dylan Society) (link found by Christopher Leipold)
Sharon Shannon's new CD "Diamond Mountain" contains a great version of her and Jackson Browne doing 'Man of Constant Sorrow'. From (tip from BlindDerek)
Voice of the powerless Guthrie's music stands up to a world that hasn't changed much - (Chicago Tribune)
The Foggy Web of Destiny - Brandon's downloads.
Imagine if He'd Lived Twenty years after John Lennon died, a pop critic and friend (Robert Hilburn) ponders what might have been - (LA Times)
George Harrison's 'All Things Must Pass' is Restored With Four Previously Unreleased Bonus Tracks - (Yahoo / Entertainment Wire)

Tuesday, December 5:
Tour News under Current News at Isis. BobDates, too, see top of this page.
The List: Berman rests in peace - (espn) (link found by R.L. Hargis)

Monday, December 4:
Tom Morello: Rage Focusing On New LP, Not On Finding Singer - (Yahoo) (link found by Rachel Raskin and similar links by many others lately)
Rage Against the Machine: Renegades Includes cover of Bob Dylan's "Maggie's Farm" From -
Bruce Hornsby has new CD: "Here Come The Noisemakers" (link from James Dodds) From - -
`American Masters' Marks 15th Season - (Yahoo /AP)

Sunday, December 3:
Nashville Skyline: Can Americana And Its Artists Survive? - (Yahoo / Sonicnet) (link found by Dag E Braathen) -
At 61, a Wanderer Has Found Home - (NY Times) Dion: "King Of The New York Streets" from -
Burns reborn as an Armani rocker - (Sunday Times)
Greil Marcus Double Trouble (review) - (Dallas Observer)
It's time for your boot heels to be wanderin' . . . here and up North - (Pioneer Planet)

Saturday, December 2:
Whistle While You Read From Cohan to Hammerstein to Sondheim: an anthology celebrating the art of the lyricist - (NY Times) (link found by Jürgen Kloss)
Johnnie Johnson Sues Chuck Berry - (Yahoo!) (link found by Charles W. Prince) Brian and Lee Richardson)

Friday, December 1:
This morning's Japanese newspaper Asahi says Bob Dylan will be coming to Japan next year. Information about dates, ticket infos etc. are to be announced. (tip from Itsuko Nishimura)
Chris Whitley covers Dylan's "Spanish Harlem Incident" and "4th Time Around" on "Perfect Day" CD. From (tips from Leo Nierse and Joe Lilly)
Veto spares Lincoln County Road 804 - (The Oregonian) (link found by Craig Jamieson)
Lincoln County Road Atlas entry - (Dylan Atlas)
Strange Fixation: Bootleg Sound Recordings Enjoy the Benefits of Improving Technology - (David Schwartz) (link found by Patricia Jungwirth)
Isis subscriptions for 2001 now available. And much more!
Bob Dylan and the History of Rock'n' Roll Review by Terry Kelly of Michael Gray's talk in South Shields.
A Hard Day's Night restored. - (Salon)

Thursday, November 30:
Lightfoot's first U.S. TV special to air - (Jam!) (link found by Bobby Fay)
Oscar Field Weak This Year You know things are weird when Bob Dylan may be the only sure bet for a nomination (for ``Things Have Changed,'' the theme song from ``Wonder Boys.'') - (Yahoo/AP)
Hendrix and Dylan - (emplive) (link found by Tom)
El Fanático About the Arhoolie and Broadside Box Sets - (Village Voice) (link found by Jürgen Koss)

Wednesday, November 29:
What About Bob? Review of Clinton Heylin's "Behind The Shades, Take II" - (Washington Post) (link found by Craig Jamieson) From - -
Questions for Billy Bragg Such as: Billy Bragg, which Spice Girl would you most like to work with? - (Independent)
Entertainment Highlights in History In 1968, Graham Nash quit the Hollies because... - (Yahoo/AP)
"You hear me when I moan": timbre and style in the singing of Robert Johnson by Mike Daley, York University.
Vocal performance and speech intonation: Bob Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone", also by Mike Daley (links found by Charles W. Prince)
Jimmy Carter: Milford's wandering philosopher No, he's not Him - (cabinet press) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
What Ever Happened to Rock Critic Paul Nelson? - ( (link found by Steve Michel)
Polly Jean Harvey Talks Storytelling - (Yahoo)

Tuesday, November 28:
Peter Stone Brown will play at Fergie's Pub in Philadelphia this Saturday.
Real Life Rock Top 10 - (Salon) (link found by Jack Regan)
Bowie voted biggest influence in music poll - (Yahoo) (link found by Robby Prince)
Clean Cut Kid - new site of music and misings.
Blood on the Tracks voted as arguably Bob Dylan's greatest album. Click here. Refresh screens for latest information. (Learners Realm)

Monday, November 27:
Aznavour, bowing out in the old-fashioned way - (Times)
Gabrielle, Albert Hall - (Times)
Meet 100 of Rock's Chosen People - (LA Times)
Jews Who Rock from - -
De mens gaf aan alle dieren namen, lang geleden, lang geleden - (De Standaard) (link found by Buydens Walter)
Broadside's best - (Boston Phoenix) (link found by Andrew Steinhouse)
CD box from

Sunday, November 26:
Living legend to woo music fans Dylan to play Kilkenny third or fourth week of July? - (Kilkenny People) (link found by Andy Davies)
Map (The star is Kilkenny)
Which is the best book of the year? Andrew Motion: Michael Gray's Song and Dance Man III: The Art of Bob Dylan (Cassell) - the best book there is on Dylan, now better than ever. - (Observer)
Freewheelin' has new page listing current videos (under Magnetic Movements)
Blues With a Buzz North Mississippi Allstars' Music Has Roots And A Punk-Rock Edge - (Chicago Tribune)
Bob Dylan Critical Corner updated with survey of Dylan covers and lyric analysis of 'Drifter's Escape'.
Old rockers don't die, they just sing for $$&%#=@** - (Observer)
What a duo - Dylan and Liberace - (Observer) (links found by Sarah Poynting)
Nov 14, 1997 Applied Materials concert reviews
Hey kids, where have all the protest songs gone? - (Sunday Times)
A tide of partisan poison engulfs America - (Observer)
Singers help keep Woody Guthrie’s memory alive - (Evansville Courier) (link found by Jack Regan)
Al Kooper on Napster (upcoming EQ column)

Saturday, November 25:
Bob Dylan live at Sheffield Arena -- Sept. 22nd 2000 (review= - (Electronic Community Magazine) (link found by Jack Regan)
Back to the crossroads Eminent bluesman Robert Junior Lockwood discusses his stepfather, Robert Johnson - (Telegraph)
Dai poster per Dylan al logo Aids: una mostra per Milton Glaser - (CNN Italia) (link found by Mario Mazziol)

Friday, November 24:
Pop 100: Like A Rolling Stone (VOTE) - Tangled Up In Blue (VOTE) - (Rolling Stone) (Reminder from Magne Karlstad)
Sugartown is on the air again with download links.
Bob Dylan in Crouch End - (from the Sunday Telegraph) (transcribed by Roddy Forsyth)
Labels loose a blues streak, uncover roots - (USA Today) (link found by Jack Regan)
Bob Dylan - (Understatement of Poetry) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan : Poetry and the Popular Song - (1969 article by Frank Davey) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Josh White - (UMass) (link found by Jürgen Kloss)

Thursday, November 23:
Renewed Fame For Folk Interpreter Ramblin' Jack Elliot - (Billboard) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Bob Dylan and Emily Dickinson: Typological Poets of the Broken Heart - (from "On the Tracks" June 1998) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
All it took was Bob Dylan's poste - (Times of India) (link found by Patricia Jungwirth)
(Greenbriar Boy) John Herald Interviewed... - (Shoeshine Records) (link found by Jack Regan)
Anthology Puts New Faces on the Legends of Rock Rock and Roll Is Here To Stay - (Chicago Tribune) From

Wednesday, November 22:
Horsens concert bootlegged (Danish) - (musicreactor) (link found by Bjarne D. Jensen)
Rage Against the Machine: Renegades Includes cover of Bob Dylan's "Maggie's Farm" - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Jaap) From -
Funkstar DeLuxe covers "All Along The Watchtower" (link found by Bjarne D. Jensen, tip from Mike Paglia) -
Woman travels around world to watch folk singer perform - (Lewiston Daily Sun) (link found by Ernie)
Clinton Heylin's Behind the Shades reviewed (in German) - (Jürgen Kloss)
Rocker Slick Proud of Her Paintings - (Yahoo / AP) (link found by Klewan, Andrew A.)
Nya dårar i full frihet The Swedish minister of trade , Leif Pagrotsky is a Dylan fan with Blue Moon as his favourite song (Swedish, at the end of the article) - (Expressen) (link found by Martin Omberg)
I Happen To Be A Swede Myself !! Updated with the US Fall Tour - (Olof's homepage)

Tuesday, November 21:
Aging Bob Dylan's brilliance intact - (Washington Times)
100 Greatest Pop Songs RANK the Top 5 Pop Songs yourself - (MTV)
Merle Haggard To Country Music Industry: Put Up Your Dukes - (sonicnet) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Eric Clapton has announced a six night stint at London's Royal Albert Hall in February 2001 - (Bigmouth) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Dylan for Dollars cover CD - (WFPK) (link found by Jerry Chambers)
150 years of University of Minnesota memories - (Star Tribune) (link found by Nelson French)

Monday, November 20:
Last night's Towson setlist.
Prepare for the Weirdness By Hunter S. Thompson - (espn) (link found by Tom F)
Punch Line: Naomi's a Boxer - (NY Post)
Praise Him (Like We Should!) - (Mojo) (link found by Paul Gardner) - (link found by Vince)
The Verdict This humble Hibbing native is quite possibly the Jesus Christ of rock and roll - (twincities) (link found by Jennifer Schneider)
City of Anoka - (link found by Dee Locke)
Patti Smith and Bob Dylan - (picture from Rolling Stone) (link found by Hodah)

Sunday, November 19:
Last night's TWO Atlantic City setlists.
4th Supper Club Show available in .rar format.
Celebrity spotting in Crouch End 'village' - (Sunday Times) (Anyome have a link to the whole Bob story?)
Pop 100 (vote): Like A Rolling Stone (vote) - Tangled Up In Blue - (Rolling Stone) (links found by Jim Short)

Saturday, November 18:
Last night's Princeton setlist.
When Dylan got rocked Folk purist met Levon and the Hawks at the Friar's Tavern on Yonge St. and changed the course of pop music history - (Toronto Star)
Which of these three Dylan albums appeals to you most - (Learners Realm)
Some Of The Songs Performed Occasionally By Bob Dylan In 2000 And In 1999 - (Not Dark Yet)

Friday, November 17:
The Bob Dylan Bootleg Series 1-3 reviewed - (Stereophile)
"Don't Look Back" showing Nov 17 & 18, 2000 at the Red Vic in San Fransisco. (scan from Adrian Hayes)
Worth seeing - (SF Gate)
The Beatles deserve better than this - (Telegraph)
Freewheelin' updated with the latest "Tape News" No 182 along with news of the forthcoming John Green Memorial Convention, a one day event to be held in Northampton on 31st March 2001.

Thursday, November 16:
Last night's Salisbury setlist.
You Say You Want a Resolution? Napster comment sprinkled with Dylan quotes - (Yahoo/Motley Fool)
To the Tree with Roots - a CD tree signup page.
Bob Dylan At Towson University - (Washington Post) (link found by John Pruski)
Bob Dylan returns 'Like a Rolling Stone', November 18 - (Tropicana) (link found by John Pruski)
Dueling New Year's Eve Shows Leave Deadheads Spinning - (sonicnet) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Wednesday, November 15:
Chords and lyrics to "Blue Bonnet Girl" - (My Back Pages)
Woody Guthrie's Memory Lives On - (Yahoo/AP) (tip from Andrew A Klewan)
Dylan sunglasses at auction - (NME) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Beatle Attacker Ordered Detained - (Yahoo /Reuters)
Ex-Beatle invoked peace chant to fight off intruder - (UPI)
Did Charlie's Angels Prophesy the Presidential Election? - (msn) (link found by Dan Keelean)
Traveling Music - (inPhiladelphia) (link found by PSB)
Simon Ages Gracefully at Tour Opener - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
The Zimmermen are working on a new album (link found by Ole Lien)
Sue Foley's new CD includes cover of "Positively 4th Street", from (link from Leo Nierse)

Tuesday, November 14:
Last night's Lewiston setlist.
Back in Lowell after 25 years, Bob Dylan and his crack band deliver dynamite performance - (Lowell Sun) (link found by Jack Kelleher)
Dylan surprisingly free of surprises at Stabler - ( (link found by Rorie)
What happened to idealism? - (Boston Globe) (link found by Paul Summergrad)
The Picasso of Design Milton Glaser - (Foxnews) (link found by Jack Regan)
Dylan on Dylan - (StarIQ) (link found by Anneke)

Monday, November 13:
Last night's Kingston setlist.
4,500 groove to Dylan - (Daily Free Press) (link found by Alex Leik) at - an alternative way of reading the newsgroup. (link from Dag E Braathen)
Lewiston arena spruced up for Dylan - (Sun Journal) (link found by Alex Leik)
Dylan's music speaks louder than he does - (Boston Globe) (link found by Dana Hanson)
Sounds of a Lost America For 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?,' the Coens and T Bone Burnett teamed up to find 1930s music--or create it. - (LA Times) (link found by Jeremy Taylor)

Sunday, November 12:
Last night's Lowell setlist.

Saturday, November 11:
Last night's Boston setlist.
Keeper of the Flame CD from Luka Bloom includes cover of Dylan's "Make You Feel My Love" -(link found by Michael Farry) From -
Bob Dylan lives up to his legend at BU show - (Boston Herald) (link found by Howard Klein)
The greatest shows I never saw: 10 tickets to paradise - (Star Tribune) (link found by Nelson French)
Delivering a radical broadside - (Irish Times) (link found by Michael Farry)
Folk Venue Celebrates Anniversary How many roads must a folk singer walk, before he can find a stage? - (Yahoo / AP)
"Dylan and the band" is Jakob and the Wallflowers on The Inside Track in World Beat, CNN International tomorrow at 1030 CET.

Friday, November 10:
Wonderful movie Wonder Boys re-release - (Salon)
New "Wonder Boys" trailer - (Apple) (link found by Dennis Cleary of DylanBase)
Ricks previews Bob Dylan concert - (Daily Free Press) (link found by Alex Leik)
The Beatles Top The Greatest - (ctnow)
"Honest" - video release. Stewart's main aim seems to be to relive some old tripping experiences on film and get his mate Bob Dylan on the soundtrack. - (Guardian)
The 100 most important American musical works of the 20th century - (NPR) (link found by Chris Contakes)
Neil Young DVD and DVD Audio release: Red Rocks Live - ( lists: "Road Rock Vol. 1 [LIVE]" Audio CD,

Thursday, November 9:
Last night's Bethlehem setlist.
The Isis web paes at have been updated with new adverts, new news and the tape section now has a review of EVERY show from the recent European tour including video reviews. (
Judge: eBay not liable in bootleg music auctions - (CNN) (link found by Dennis Wolter)
Steve Earle blasts Bush - (Q) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
I received an email asking me what this item has to do with Dylan, and whether I am assuming that all Dylan fans are liberal Democrats. My answer is that I often link to Steve Earle news, even if there is no Dylan connection. My site is not limited to material for liberal Democrats, and there are Dylanists in many other countries with many other parties. And I hope to find many interesting non-Dylan links to show you in the future.
Belafonte a voice for black history - (Chicago Sun-Times)
"I Don't Believe You" with Dylan and the Band, 1966, from the film Eat the Document, 3.6 MB RealVideo - ( (link found by Sean McArdle)
Still freewheelin' - (Post-Gazette)
Echo & the Bunnymen cover "Baby Blue" - (Billboard-online) (link found by John Gregan)
"Essential Bob Dylan" at no. 67 in Billboard chart - (Billboard) (link found by Jack Regan)

Wednesday, November 8:
Dylan brilliant even when less than perfect - (Post-Gazette)
1st Supper Club - 3rd Supper Club (.rar files, need expanding)
Kirk Elder on success ...I propose to ignore Bob Dylan entirely until he learns to blow his nose before approaching the microphone. Whatever the critics may say, whining is not a sign of merit. - (Scotsman)

Tuesday, November 7:
Last night's Pittsburgh setlist.
Costello writing TV series - (jam!)
Jerry Wexler, Coiner Of 'R&B,' Subject Of Documentary - (sonicnet)
On the Isle Some ex-Broadsiders will gather to answer questions and perform songs from the new CD box set "The Best of Broadside" Sunday at the Westbury Borders - (Newsday)
It all started with my son's homework - (Globe and Mail) (link found by Arthur Louie)
Giving 'Wonder Boys' another go - (MSNBC) (link found by Jack Regan)
`Wonder Boys' Gets Rare Second Shot - (NY Times) (link found by Ben Schafer)
Kära Robert, hur är det med dig? (Dear Robert, how are you?) - (Svenska Dagbladet) (link found by Michael Andersson)
Paris Oct 3rd concert - ( (thanks, Marco Wolff)

Monday, November 6:
Last night's Ann Arbor setlist.
Dylan of old rocked like new at Hill - (Michigan Daily) (link found by Jack Regan)
DYLAN CUMPLIRA 60 AÑOS CON SU GIRA MAS SONADA DYLAN will celebrate his 60 years with his most spectacular tour - (el Periódico) (link found by Xavier)
La. 'Singing Governor' Davis Dies - (NY Times) Blue Bonnet Girl (performed by Bob Dylan on November 1st) was probably first recorded by Jimmie Davis, who died November 5, 2000 at 101 years of age. Jimmie Davis was Governor of Louisiana, 1948-48 and 1960-64, and a country singer who wrote more than 400 songs and released at least 52 albums. (link found by Ch'an Bodhi Cede)
Portsmouth - 25th September 2000 empeethrees

Sunday, November 5:
Last night's Oxford setlist.
The Road Warrior - Bob in his full length leather coat, photographed by Danny Clinch (link found by Dag E Braathen)
Sharpshooter was always a lady (Annie Oakley) - (Globe and Mail) (link found by Arthur Louie)
Bob Dylan returns to Miami University - ( (link found by Brandon Zwagerman)

Saturday, November 4:
Caffe Lena celebrates 40th anniversary - (Newsday) (tip from Andrew Klewan) BDX picture here
Blowin' in the wind - (Economic Times Citings)
Photo made him a hero - and ruined his life - (The Star) Drunken Ira Hayes
Entertaining the good old goys - (Telegraph) (Kinky Friedman with new book: The Mile High Club) from - -
Al Kooper: Staying and Playing - (Boston Phoenix) (link found by Michael Britten)
Oct 1 Munster concert here (link from Lars Haltbrekken)
And some peanuts for my chihuahua - (Sidney Morning Herald)

The Wall Street Journal has an article behind its subscription wall called "Houses of Worship - Lambs With Chops" (tip from Joe Pop and Anton). Here is the last paragraph: As Mr. Joseph notes, Emmylou Harris, Bono, Al Green, Bob Dylan and even Alice Cooper -- once known for his on-stage guillotine -- have a positive spiritual influence. Mr. Cooper, as it happens, was a drinking partner of Mr. Lennon's, and his passionate warnings about the existence of the devil indicate that, sooner or later, many a rocky road leads to the 700 Club, or environs. For Messrs. Landis and Joseph, sooner is the goal.

Friday, November 3:
Last night's W. Lafayette setlist.
Peter Stone Brown shows Nov 4th & 9th.
Bob Dylan Autumn U.S. Tour - (Digital City) (link found by David Davis)
Dylan show starts slow, ends well - (Purdue Exponent) (link found by Jack Regan)
No spotlight necessary - (IDSnews) (link found by Alex Leik)

Thursday, November 2:
Last night's Bloomington setlist.
Witty coda to the movie code saga - (Telegraph)
Will Napster Users buy? - (NY Post)
Dylan Courted to Play on Martin Carthy Anthology - (Yahoo! music) (link from David Broad) will open November 13 (official Beatles site)
Matt Suggs gets a retro-fit on 'Golden Days Before They End' The year is 1967.... several months later, Bob Dylan emerged from the studio with his latest work-- Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band... - (The Daily Cardinal) (link found by Jack Regan)
Halloween show review - (Jambase) (link found by Joy Munsey)
Bob Dylan at McGaw Hall - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by Michael Wragg)
Times change, but Dylan still draws - (Hoosier Times) (link found by Alex Leik)
Keeper of the Flame for the Village's Folk Scene Faces Eviction - (NY Times) (link found by Jürgen Kloss)

Wednesday, November 1:
Last night's Evanston setlist.
Dylan to play at IU tonight - (idsnews) (link found by Jack Regan)
An everchanging legend - (Hoosier Times) (link found by Jack Regan)
Bob Dylan to play Arena in November - (Sun) (tip from Jack Kelleher)
Dylan suits up, rocks on - (The Daily Northwestern) (link found by Jack Regan)
Fighting words as Britpop stars collect their gongs Dylan was meant to get Q award, but could not come. - (Guardian) (link found by Sarah Poynting)
A Robert Johnson biography will be published in January 2001: Stephen Calt, "Hellhound On My Trail. A Biography Of Robert Johnson" from Canongate Books (tip from Jürgen Kloss)
Rimbaud biography - (Guardian) (link found by Glenn Cooper) - From - -
Paul Simon: "Sono un narratore di storie" In a brief interview after his Milano Show, Paul Simon among other things says "....if it wasn't for Bob Dylan I would have never written songs as the Sound of Silence". - (Repubblica) (Italian) (link found by Cesare Bassani)

Tuesday, October 31:
Thousands try for Dylan tickets - (Daily Free Press) (link found by Rich Petlock)
Al Gore & the Wallflowers are guests on The Tonight Show (tonight in the US).
Pirro faces last chapter in tax case - (NY Journal News) (link found by Arnie Bernstein)
Rock star routine helps take the bore out of Gore Making Bob Dylan poet laureate is something that's worth considering. - (Electronic Telegraph) (ltip from Andrew Klewan)
Dylan is true poet laureate - (The Capital Times) (by Stuart Levitan)
Flatts & Scruggs - (Collectables Records) (link found by Tim Dunn) Out Nov 14 at His Family & Friends/Nashville Airplane - Town & Country/Changin' Times - Hard Travelin'/Final Fling

Monday, October 30:
Last night's Madison setlist.
Old Bob still has new tricks - (Daily Cardinal) (link found by Alex Leik)
Electric Dylan - Roger Ford's new site on Blonde On Blonde and Highway 61 Revisited - the histories of alternate mixes, sleeves, the gold CDs.
They're poets and they know it but, boy, some sure do blow it - (Sidney Morning Herald) (link found by Phil Teece)

Sunday, October 29:
Michael Bloomfield : "If You Love These Blues" from Info at

A legacy of recording the real stuff "The Journey of Chris Strachwitz" from Arhoolie records - (Boston Globe) From -

Theme? No Way, NoHo A 29-year-old male virgin, two students searching for Bob Dylan (Look Back, Don't Look Back), Iraqi president Saddam Hussein,... are among the real-life and fictional characters coming to a screen in Northampton, Mass. - (Hartford Courant) (link from Gil Walker)

You can take the girl out of the country... Kasey Chambers, 24, was the upset winner of the Australian Record Industry Association (ARIA) award for Best Female Artist last Tuesday. - (Sydney Morning Herald) From -

Dylan: Jokerman or Property of Jesus? Infidels appropriately released at Halloween. - (CCM Magazine 1984) (link found by Michael Case)

Saturday, October 28:
Supper Club Concert 3 for download (different location)
Freewheelin' has Tape News.
In the footsteps of...Dylan Thomas - (Daily Express)
Stuck Inside a Bowler Hat, Marceau Retains Charm - (NY Times)
It Ain't Me, Babe. Bob Dylan, reluctant prophet. ... Marcus's new book, Invisible Republic. It is an amazingly bad book, filled with page after page of wobbly Kerouacky ramblings - (Christianity Today) (link found by Michael Case)

Friday, October 27:
Isis web site has new address. New section (Advertising Signs) which includes items For Sale / Trade & Wanted. Also with news of Dylan meetings world-wide. (from Tracy Barker)
Traduction des textes de Bob Dylan en français has CD covers, use the "pochette cd" link.

Thursday, October 26:
01 - Dylan Snubs Bono for Mouthing - (ShowBiz Ireland) (link found by Andy Greene and Dack)
Simply The Best: UK Highlights Excellent project! - (TCBDS)
Rage Against The Machine Preps Renegades For Dec. 5 Release Includes "Maggie's Farm" - (CDNow)
Johnny Cash Misdiagnosed - (Excite /AP) (link found by Alex Leik)
'Charisma? I have no interest in it' Paul Simon: Bob Dylan had charisma to burn as a young man - (Electronic Telegraph) (link found by Steve Lynch)
Pope star who slayed communism still a simple pastor The Pope had asked: "Who is this Bob Dylan?" - (Sydney Morning Herald)
What's New A reliable Bob Dylan Web site is listing a possible mid-November date for a Dylan show in Connecticut. - (Hartford Courant)
Elliot Murphy and Iain Matthews will release "La Terre Commune" on February 19th, 2001. It includes at least one Dylan cover. (Blue Rose Records) (link found by Martin Kuklik)

Wednesday, October 25:
I thought there were no Dylan related news today, then I found this in the Economic Journal: Ode to changing times
Doc Watson Remains Peerless Flat-Picker - Friday night at the Somerville Theatre, Doc Watson sang "Nights in White Satin." (SonicNet)
Charles Aznavour sets off on "last marathon" - (Voila)
America's musical identity links Jews and African Americans - (Star-Telegram) (link found by Ju¨rgen Kloss)

Tuesday, October 24:
The Essential Bob Dylan to be released on Oct 31. (
Wallflowers' Dylan: This time it's personal - (CNN)
Dylan on the radio Friday 27 - (WFUV, Fordham) (link found by Eben Hensby)
Funkstar DeLuxe covers "All Along The Watchtower" (link found by Bjarne D. Jensen) -

Monday, October 23:
Norwegian group the Jetsurfers has a cover version of Bob Dylan's "One Too Many Mornings" on their new CD. (link found by Franch)
"Wonder Boys" DVD to be released Jan 9, 2001 has Dylan's "Things Have Changed" video and The singer/ songwriters of Wonder Boys with direct access commentaries by Curtis Hanson (called "a Bob Dylan Soundtrack Featurette" by From (tip from Jason Christensen)

Sunday, October 22:
The Zimmer, not the song The Young at Heart chorus may be in their eighties, but their versions of Led Zep, Elvis and the Clash add a rare vision of mortality to tracks you have loved. - (Observer)
'Clinton And Elvis': Lost In A Ball Of Confusion Review of Greil Marcus' book "Double Trouble: Bill Clinton and Elvis Presley in a Land of no Alternatives" - (ctnow) Buy from
Dueling Dylans - (E online) (link found by Faith L. Hartzler)
History to our ears: An ambitious exhibit records the sound of Minnesota
Music in Minnesota: The top 100 forces of the century - (Star Tribune) (link found by Jennifer S.)
Press clippings from German tour Mostly in German - (Bob Dylan: Highlands)
Peter Stone Brown shows Nov 4th & 9th.

Scottish Dylan cover by IDLEWILD, from east coast Scotland and they cover Bob's 'When the Ship comes in' in a piano version similat to that of Bob's demo on in the Booleg Series from 1962. It's quite a nice refreshing version actually. The CD single is called 'These Wooden Ideas' CD1 of a 2 CD set. (tip from Gordon Darroc) has 1st CD single - 2nd CD single, and 1st CD single - 2nd CD single

Saturday, October 21:
"Don't Look Back" showing Nov 17 & 18, 2000 at the Red Vic in San Fransisco. (scan from Adrian Hayes)
The Wallflowers are on Saturday Nite Live tonight (US) ...also, the "big T'N'T show" (which has Dylan covers in it) will be shown twice tonite on AMC channel in the USA... (from the jester on the sidelines)

Friday, October 20:
Dylan adds URI to tour - ( (link found by JWOL16)
" The Realm of Dylanism has rated the best Dylan sites on the Internet. We have rated each site according to three areas including "Purpose, Entertainment and Content" and calculated their star rating from 1 to 79. It saves people a great deal of time in finding quality Dylan sites for bookmarking. Refresh your screens for latest info."
In His Own Words Lennon remembered - 45 minutes of audio clips - (Rolling Stone)
Al Gore explains what it means that even the president of the United States must have to stand naked - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Dan Jordan, Harry J.)
Johnny Cash: American III: Solitary Man' - (Post-Gazette) (link found by SoDamnHip)

Thursday, October 19:
Bob Dylan to perform at Boston University - (Boston University) (link found by Alex Leik)

Wednesday, October 18:
Mouth organ degree awarded - (BBC) (link found by Markus Prieur)
Musician plays for harmonica degree - (Ananova)
Bob Dylan is on the cover of Gadfly magazine, plus an article inside. (tip from Hodah)
Simply The Best: UK Highlights - (TCBDS)
Bob Dylan - Promo CDs
Neil Young Concert Album Set for Release - (Warner Press release)
Neil Young to Release Live Album from Tour - (Rolling Stone)
In VF, icons both lush and random - (Boston Globe)
Bob Dylan "Think Different" Poster Now sells for $199.95! - (RedLightRunner)

Tuesday, October 17:
The Hard Rap Cafe - (Salon)
Real Life Rock Top 10 The Brooklyn Museum's "Hip-Hop Nation" show surveys rap's journey from Bronx block parties to cold-lampin' in the Hamptons. - (Salon)
Neil Young's Summer Trek Yields Live Album All Along The Watchtower is among the tracks - (Billboard) (link found by Alex Leik)
Levon Helm drums with Guy Davis on Conan O'Brien show tonight. (tip from HwyCDRrev)

Macca's Brush With Greatness - Sir Paul McCartney is to take part in an Internet 'artcast' Thursday October 19 at (NME) (link found by Klewan, Andrew A.)

Monday, October 16:
Budweiser Ad a Dylan Anthem? wasuuuuuup :-) - (
Pols restore rights to musical artists - (MSNBC) (link found by Alex Leik)
Highlights of the Season - (MSNBC) (link found by Alex Leik and Jack Regan)
Jesse Dylan has 'High' for film debut - (Yahoo/The Hollywood Reporter)
Jakob Dylan Opens Up a Little - (SF Gate) (link found by Lauren)
Juxtaposition of Dylans' fame has almost-poetic irony - (San Jose Mercury News) (link found by
Funkstar De Luxe covers "All Along The Watchtower" - (paper) (link found by Bjarne D. Jensen)

Sunday, October 15:
On His Own, a Rolling Stone Jakob Dylan Isn't - (NY Times) (link found by Ellen Friedenberg)
Please remember to visit The Hunger Site every day via the button on top left of this page! With a couple of clicks you can help make a daily contribution of food to the hungry.
E-tailer Boxman collapses - (BBC)
Dylan is in this month's Vanity Fair pictorial celebrating the icons of popular music. He was given the title of "The Road Warrior" and his picture is on page 330. (tip from Zayne Reeves) Also: P. 340 -- Michael Penn and Aimee Mann are photographed recreating the cover of The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan. P. 368 -- In a piece called "Star Search - Where Webheads Click to Rock Out", there's this! "The best Dylan site is Expecting Rain." Oh, and there is another Dylan photo from March 2000 on page 70. (tips from Ellen Friedenberg)
The Isis newsletter 92 1/2 reports a rumour that Bob will start a 60th Birthday World Tour in Feb 2001, beginning in California. The tour will then head off to the Far East including Australia, and after that visit places never played before: Bangkok, India, Johannesburg and Nairobi are all rumoured. The tour may also cover the Middle East, Europe and South America before heading back to the USA for the final dates. (summarized by Alan Fraser)

Saturday, October 14:
Jimi Hendrix: A Haze as Ever Purple "The mirrorlike veneer of [Hendrix'] music was inspired by... his Bob Dylan fixation." - (NY Times) (link found by Dan Selicaro)
'Work For Hire' Repealed - (dmusic)
Spectacular Elvis, Marilyn, Dylan, Madonna Rarities To Be Auctioned By Good Rockin' Tonight including One of the most valuable record albums, The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan, containing controversial tracks not included in the final album release - (Yahoo/Collectors Universe)
Entertainment highlights in history during the week of Oct. 15-21: In 1961, Bob Dylan recorded his debut album, with only a guitar and harmonica as accompaniment. - (Yahoo/AP)
A new Freewheelin' magazine is out, and parts of it can be seen at their website. Check out the cartoons!
Merle Haggard Makes Punk-Label Debut - (Billboard) (link found by sanquentin)
Download two Merle tracks from Artist direct.
Baez: Still Sweet, Still Fresh - (Hartford Courant)
Keep Napster fun -- shut it down! - (Salon)

Friday, October 13:
Maximum Bob! Q Dylan Issue order page - (Q) (link found by Stephen Dunthorne)
"Under The Influence" from and "Blues Roots of Bob Dylan" from is the same record. (Tip from Petter Myhr and Jürgen Kloss)
Dylan Runs Free At Wembley Bob Dylan gave a magically unforgettable performance to an emotionally filled audience... (sic) - (mi2n)
Essence of pioneering Broadside journal captured on CDs - (Evansville Courier)
Things Have Changed (7" vinyl) - (101cd) (link found by Ole LIen)

Thursday, October 12:
Bob Dylan - London Wembley Arena - (NME) (link found by Ran Black and HwyCDRrev)
His own man (Jakob) - (Telegraph) (link found by Ran Black)
Jakob Dylan leans toward openness. Nothing about him is hand-me-down - (USA Today, Edna Gundersen) (link found by Jack Regan)
Planted in the Press - Tabloid look at "Behind the Shades"
What About Bob? Review of "Behind the Shades". - (Washington Post) (link found by Adam Hindman)
Dylan to perform at McGaw Hall - (Daily Northwestern) (link found by Britt A Govea)
Dylan Descends On Colleges This Fall - (Billboard) (link found by John Gregan, Steve Dube and Petter Myhr)
Subterranean Homesick Studes - (NME) (link found by Klewan, Andrew A)
High-voltage rally brings Nader a chorus of cheers Eddie Vedder plays "The Times They Are A-Changin'" - (Chicago Tribune) (link found by Brandon Zwagerman)

I was away for a few days, hence no updates from Oct 6 to 11.

Thursday, October 5:
Tonight's London setlist.

Frankfurt concert pictures - (ebbbi)
Au Zénith, la ballade sans fin de Bob Dylan - (Le Monde) (link found by Werner Kehl)
Blowin' Kisses in the Wind? - (NME) (link found by Ran Black and Jack Regan)
Don't Look Back DVD review - (digitally obsessed)
Support Paul Williams' next book - (Crawdaddy) (link found by Klaus Buhr)
Sources say Bob Fass has been playing TOOM outtakes (What? I don't know.) on his Thursday night show, from Midnight till 3 am Eastern. Listen in tomorrow night in RealAudio at WBAI and see what happens. (link from Peter Stone Brown) has recent reviews that mention Bob.
Which Way The Wind Blows What happened to protest music? - (Gadfly) (link found by Jack Regan)
Ben Stein / Idiot Wind comments to the Presidential debate ( (link from Andrew Buettner)

Wednesday, October 4:
Friday night, Oct 6 at 9-45pm, Michael Gray and CP Lee discuss Bob Dylan on BBC Radio 3's 'Night Waves', hosted by Sarah Dunnant. (link from Stephen at TV Talkin')

All you need is £50, Epstein told Beatles - (Guardian)
Blooming Wallflower - (Rolling Stone / (link found by Qwertydoob)

Tuesday, October 3:
Tonight's Paris setlist. (If Dogs Run Free! again!)

First live performance of "If Dogs Run Free" (RealAudio, 1.5 MB download) 7.5 MB mp3 224 kbps (thanks to the WWW)
Rumor mill churns for Nobel awards - (MSNBC) (link found by Alex Leik)
Track listing for "The Essential Bob Dylan", out Oct 31 - (info from Jim Baumann)
Midwestern US dates announced, see above.
Rekordversuch mit Bob-Dylan-Song Guinness Book of Records attempt at playing Dylan up to 10 hours non stop. - (Hannoversche Allgemeine) (link found by Wolfram W. Winkler)
Auf der endlosen Reise - (Echo online) (link found by Sven Simonsen)
01 The Times, Are They A-Changin'? In English. - (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) (link found by Martin Apel)

Monday, October 2:
Tonight's Brussels setlist. (If Dogs Run Free! again!)
Bob Dylan Competition - (BBC) (link found by Dag E Braathen)
Rockers Get Rhythm for Sun Records Tribute - (Yahoo/Variety) (link from Eben Hensby)
Dylan is rumoured to be preparing a video release in the next 6-12 months. - PSB's r.m.d. post
Meisters Gnade - (Offenbach Post) (link found by Jörg Hausmann)
Bob On The Box "Get set for a Bob Dylan fest on your TV screens over the coming weeks as the man himself gives you the lowdown on "Things Have Changed". Check him out on VH1 and Showbiz Weekly the week of 2nd October. Check your TV listings for details." - (Sony Music Europe) (link found by Jarmo Palokallio)
Des Dylans neue Kleider - (Saarbrücker Zeitung)
Der unverwüstliche Rock-Veteran ist noch zu Scherzen aufgelegt - (Frankfurter Neue Presse)
Der Musiker, der keine Rosen möchte - (Frankfurter Rundschau) (links found by Jörg Hausmann)
My Personal Bob Dates by Markus Prieur includes pictures from Aberdeen and Cardiff.
Greil Marcus' Real Life Rock Top 10 - (Salon) (link found by Frank Desmond)
A Scottish east coast band called Idlewild cover Dylan's piano demo of 'When The Ship Comes In' in their recent CD single issue. The CD is called 'These Wooden Ideas' CD1 of a 2CD set. On the Food label, linked to EMI. (tip from Gordon Darroch)

Two tickets for October 6th Wembley show (Reserved seats: Block C2 - row 9 seat 12 & 13) for sale at face value (23 GBP). Contact: Antonio Genovese

Sunday, October 1:
Tonight's Münster setlist. (If Dogs Run Free!)
The sounds of Simon "Bob is a lot of fun, at least to me, he is."- (Boston Globe)
TV according to Greg Greg Dyke, head of the BBC - in his hedonistic twenties he had shared the vague American-inspired radicalism of the Bob Dylan and Woodstock generation - (Observer)
Broadside, Aiming to the Left - (Washington Post) CD box from
Youngest Congressional candidate John Cranley from Ohio, 26, is a Dylan fan. His race is being documented by MTV and will be played in portions prior to, and soon after November 7. Ohio Gets Ready to Commit (NY Times) - Candidates blast away in new TV ads - (Cincinnati Post)

Saturday, September 30:
Last night's Frankfurt setlist.
Ich kann auch lachen, wenn ich will - (Die Welt)
Dylan zu perfekt? - (Hamburger Morgenpost)
Bob Dylan: der Gralshüter in höchster Konzentration - (Hamburger Abendblatt)
Rockmythos Bob Dylan begeistert Hamburger Fans - (Braunschweiger Zeitung)
Rockmythos Bob Dylan begeistert Hamburger Fans - (Walsroder Zeitung) (links found by Jörg Hausmann)
Taube können wieder hören - (Süddeutsche Zeitung) (link found by Beate)

Friday, September 29:
Last night's Hamburg setlist.
Profile: Bob Dylan - (Ithaca Today) (link found by Alan Pauling)
Bobster's concert is something beautiful - (Western Gazette) (link found by Tareth Casey)
Dylan Thomas - the Celebration Bringing It All Back Home Saturday 28 October at the Dylan Thomas Centre, Swansea, Wales: Michael Gray and Phil Bowen's "Handful of Rain' - (link found by Damian Furniss)
'Handful of Rain' is also being performed at Dempseys, Cardiff on October 3rd, 20:00 and at The Poetry Cafe, Covent Garden, London on October 4th, 20:00.
Emmylou, in her own words - (Independent) (link found by Jack Regan)
The Gnutella paradox Napster court decision on Monday - (Salon)
Ex-Hollywood Agent Found Hanged Jay Moloney. A friend tells the News that Moloney had spent Monday with Bob Dylan's son Jesse with whom he'd worked at Paradise. - (Mr. Showbiz) (link found by Hodah)
A Return Worth The Wait Joan Osborne: "I don't seem to make a record without covering a Bob Dylan song." - (Hartford Courant) (link found by Gilbert Walker)
A Lily Among Thorns has moved.

Thursday, September 28:
Last night's Rotterdam setlist.
Tangled up in queue - (Guardian) (link found by Andrew F Wilson)
Geist des Rock - (Hamburger Morgenpost) (link found by Uwe Dehnel)
Bob Dylan in vorm van z'n leven - (Rotterdams Dagblad) (link found by Yoram Franzen and Bob Blote) - English translation

Wednesday, September 27:
Columbia's "Daily Dish" has announced "The Essential Bob Dylan" 2 CD, 30 song collection to be released October 31st. "The only career spanning hits collection" Which tracks, anyone?" (tip from Jim Baumann and Paul Pearson)
Bob Dylan helps the Steelers to Victory (Yes Really) (Nottingham Post) (text from Peter Pearson)
After a sorry performance from my Guestworld guestbook, I have now set up a Mycomputer guestbook. Sign my new Guestbook - Read my new Guestbook

Tuesday, September 26:
Last night's Portsmouth setlist.
"Songs In My Heart" and other updates - (Olof's Files)
Isis has been updated.
Questions for Cash - ( (link found by Sean McArdle)
Fikk tillatelse til nordnorsk Dylan-CD Permission granted for Northern Norwegian Dylan CD - (Nordlands Framtid) (link found by Johanne Rasmussen)
01 Tangled up in booze - (Books Unlimited) (link found by Frank Desmond)
Review: Dylan - Behind the Shades by Tiernan Henry
Dharma and Greg "Play Lady Play" episode with Dylan rerun 930 on ABC tonight - (TVGuide) (link found by ~ jlaw)

Monday, September 25:
Last night's Portsmouth setlist.
Night Of Magic For Dylan Fans Portsmouth - (TheNews) (link found by Alex Leik)
Tangled up in the Musical Rapture Portsmouth - (TheNews) (link found by Alex Leik)
Portsmouth review - (Live365)
Emmylou Harris on "Red Dirt Girl" - ( (link found by Charles W. Prince)
A conversation with John Hiatt - (Salon) (link found by Mike Britten)
Revised Peter Stone Brown concert schedule.

Sunday, September 24:
Last night's Cardiff setlist.
My Vh1 Music Awards - cast your vote for the Coolest Fan Web Site (link from Stefanie Spayd)
Enigma variations The Guardian Profile: Bob Dylan - (Guardian) (link found by Dag E Braathen and Tiernan Henry)
Bob Dylan, the voice of the generation - (BBC) (link found by Craig Jamieson)

Saturday, September 23:
Last night's Sheffield setlist.

Friday, September 22:
Joan Osborne covers "To Make You Feel My Love" on her latest CD "Righteous Love", from - - (submitted by ~ jlaw)
Check your bandwidth Is your connection really as fast? (2wire) (NDC)
Rage Against The Machine Cover Dylan, Devo, Cypress Hill - (Sonicnet) (link found by Ryan Murphy)
Pop and Collectible Guitars Auction Sept 26: Three Dylan items listed...a signed guitar, an autographed program from the true confessions tour, and a page of working lyrics from Absolutely Sweet Marie. - (Christies) (link found by Chris Contakes)
Time Out of Mind Pictures compared by Artur.
"MTV Unplugged" has qualified for gold in the US, see Charts
Sacrifice and survival The SS City of Benares was torpedoed sixty years ago... - (Sunday Times)
Stolen moments Pearl Jam are releasing 25 live albums at once to protect fans from poor quality bootlegs. Who, asks Adam Sweeting, are they trying to fool? - (Guardian) (link found by Sarah Poynting) Order from
The A-Z of Spinal Tap - (Guardian) (link found by Sarah Poynting)

Thursday, September 21:
Last night's Birmingham setlist.
Fresh new face of Mississippi blues Luther Dickinson has put a new face on the old music of Mississippi's hill country. - (jam!) North Mississippi Allstars: "Shake Hands With Shorty" from
Peter Stone Brown show dates
The rock star who still falls asleep with his first love Mark Knopfler, erstwhile leader of the band Dire Straits, is not one of popular music's underachievers - (

Wednesday, September 20:
Last night's Newcastle setlist.
Bob Dylan is on the cover of Gadfly Magazine (1969 picture by Elliott Landy) article: Something was happening but I didn't know what it was - (tip from HwyCDRrev and Kenneth Wilson, links from Dag E Braathen)
Dylan Newcastle review - (Shields Gazette) (link found by Paul Myles-Kelly)
Dylan legend lives on in a night to remember - (This is North Scotland) (link found by D.R. Johnston)
Top performance from the main man - (This is North Scotland) (link found by D.R. Johnston)

Tuesday, September 19:
Still 'Rising' If you did not read this on Sunday, read now about "House of the Risin' Sun" - (Ted Anthony / Associated Press)
01 - Dylan's back on tour - (Scotsman) (link found by D.R. Johnston, Shim and Andrew F Wilson)
Wallflowers free download (LIquid Audio) at "Letters From the Wasteland".
The 20th Century's Greatest Hits - (Paul Williams) (link found by Jürgen Kloss)
Into the fast lane Mark Knopfler - (Scotsman) (link found by Shim)
New CD: "Sailing to Philadelphia" out Sept 26, from - -
Van Morrison - (Salon) (link found by Chuck Koch)
One night in Room 8 - Gram Parsons and the Joshua Tree Inn (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette) (link found by John Gregan)
Guitar one - October 2000 issue has included lyrics/chords/music to Tangled Up In Blue. (Guitar one) (link found by ~ jlaw)
Links on the chain The Best of Broadside 1962-1988 - (Salon) (link found by Jack Regan)
the difference between a real blonde and a fake How to determine whether your "Bob Dylan: MTV Unplugged" is the early, RARE, now deleted thing or not. - (Artur Jarosinski)

Monday, September 18:
Last night's Glasgow setlist.
01 - Dylan bucks a bad trend Aberdeen review- (Telegraph) (link found by Andrew F Wilson)
02 - The faithful came and found joy - Bob Dylan has a place in the heavens, writes a genuflecting Barry Egan (Dublin review) (Sunday Independent) (link found by Frank Desmond)
03 - Dylan legend lives on in a night to remember - (This is North Scotland) (link found by Alex Leik)
Dylan harmonica on auction - (Yahoo/
Freewheelin' has updated Tape News.
He's Cool With the Family Legacy Jakob Dylan interview - (LA Times)
Did Bob Dylan really get booed off stage at the Newport Folk Festival in 1966? VH1 Confidential Tuesday, September 19 attempts to answer this and other burning questions. (link from Patrick Elias)

Sunday, September 17:
Ticket gift makes Marion's Dylan dream come true - (This is North Scotland) (link found by Jack Regan)
Poor Bob's still gotta serve somebody Thought provoking article about obsessive fans - (Sunday Times) (link found by Pete Younger)
Bob Dylan virtual walking tour of New York - (New Pony)
Dylan's Son Deals with Dad's Shadow - (Yahoo/AP)

Saturday, September 16:
Tonight's Aberdeen setlist.
Hold the back pages Vicar Street review - (Guardian) (link found by Sarah Poynting)
The Bob Dylan "Don't Look Back" is on the US Sundance channel at 9:00 Eastern tonight.
Student's PC seized after record industry complaint - (cnet)
The Smashing Pumpkins take music directly to Napster fans - (cnet)
The Smashing Pumpkins Collection - a Musicfans site.
Don't do me like that Tom Petty tells George W. Bush to "back down" from using one of Petty's songs at his events. - (Salon) (link found by Peter Stone Brown)
A Boy's Life Cameron Crowe on his interview with Bob for the Biograph liner notes. - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Justin Sullivan)
Duke Robillard's All-Terrain Explorer (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Farm Aid will be broadcast in QuickTime Sunday, September 17 - (Rolling Stone)
Joe Cliburn's Flintcreek has a new address.

Friday, September 15:
Last night's Point Depot, Dublin setlist.
Since the weather allowed, I went out and cut the grass - it's been quite a while, and next time will probably be in eight or nine months. Now for today's links:
Download Two Live Tracks by Chris Smither "What Was It You Wanted" - ( (link from Dave Plentus Dylan Cover Albums)
Vicar Street review - (The Times) (link found by Andrew F Wilson)
Vicar Street review - (Irish Times) (link found by Mark Mc Govern)
Dylan Ticket & Hotel Packages - Portsmouth tickets and lodging advertised. (London Calling
Elton John in concert walkout - (Qonline) (NDC)
Sir Elton may be sued over concert pull-out - (Telegraph) (NDC)
Dylan ring tones for mobile phones - (Wirtualna Polska) (link found by Artur Jarosinski)
Entertainment highlights 30 and 25 years ago this week - (Bergen Record) (link found by Jack Regan)
A Ramblin' Ode to Ramblin' Jack - (Washington Post) (link found by Jack Regan)
The Bridge site has been updated.

Thursday, September 14:
Last night's Vicar Street, Dublin setlist.
Bob Dylan fans treated to intimate Dublin show - (Irish Times) (link found by Jack Regan)
Me and Bobby Dylan - (Irish Independent) (link found by Peter Stone Brown, Pádraig Hanratty and Frank Desmond)
IMRO singing all the way as fees up 11pc - (Irish Independent)
Bob Dylan, Vicar Street - (Irish Times) (link found by Jack Regan)
Roger Catlin: There is talk of a Bob Dylan tour with Willie Nelson next year, with the Dickey Betts Band opening. - (Hartford Courant) (first tip from Paul Pearson)
A lifelong love affair with the guitar Mark Knopfler - (Daily Telegraph )
Joan Osborne hopes long five becomes high five - ( (link found by Jack Regan)
Isis Current News page has been updated: British fuel crisis over, Bob and fans can go on the road.

Wednesday, September 13:
The coolest guy in the world opens his European tour tonight in Dublin.
'Hurricane' Carter hits U. Illinois - (Excite / Daily Illini) (link found by Geir Olsen from The Land of the Midnight Sun)
Naomi Eszterhas: 'Joe Does Not Spin' - (Foxnews) (link found by Geir Olsen)

Tuesday, September 12:
Like a rolling stone: Bob Dylan - (Sunday Herald) (link found by Michele Simpson and ...)
Al Gore : The Rolling Stone Interview (QuickTime streaming) - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Alex Leik)
"Now Ain't The Time For Your Tears" mp3s from Manchester Free Trade Hall,7th May 1965 - (link found by Rune Roalkvam)
Testament of age - (Belfast Telegraph)
In a league of his own - (Glasgow Herald) (link from Roddy Forsyth)
Worthy of adoration, Neil Young once again delivers the goods - (Seattle Times)
(link found by Geir Olsen, Land Of The Midnight Sun)

Monday, September 11:
Welcome to the new EDLIS Mission Bells page! Please use it if your country is on the list.
Revisiting The Band - by Peter Stone Brown (
A Ramblin' Anecdote - (LA Times) (link found by Jack Regan)
My lunch with Emmylou Harris - (Salon) (link found by Steve Michel) "Red Dirt Girl" out Sept 12, from -
Gore: A Few of His Favorite Things - (AP / Yahoo)

Sunday, September 10:
This coming Wednesday, Bob will open his European tour in Dublin. This will be concert # 1243 on the Neverending Tour, based on Olof's count. Warning! 428 KB text file at the end of that link.
And Steve Jobs may introduce the beta version of OS X at Apple Expo 2000 in Paris.
Edvard Munch works of art - (Munch-Museet) - Artcyclopedia
Bob Dylan concert reviews by Martin Abela.
Joint accounts Who introduced John Lennon to marijuana in the Sixties? The truth, as eyewitness Cherri Gilham recalls, didn't involve Bob Dylan but a blonde and a blue movie. - (Observer) (link found by Sarah Poynting)

Saturday, September 9:
'Freedom' stirs passions for free speech - (USA Today / Edna Gundersen)
How to order your 'Freedom Sings' CD (includes Blowin' in the Wind)
Thank You Bob Dylan For All You Do - Encore Rainy Day - Del Mar in RealVideo (SoCoolAz)
Tangled Up In Blue streaming RealVideo from Renaldo & Clara 4.8 MB download
Record prices on the table in the vinyl countdown - (Guardian)
Bob Dylan and the NECLC - Dylan's 1963 speech for the Tom Paine Award - (link found by Dag E Braathen)
Guitar Player, July '79 interview with Mark Knopfler - (Dire Straits Guitar Page) (link found by Artur Jarosinski)
Daughter's film doesn't ramble past Jack Elliott's faults - (sacbee) (link found by Jack Regan)
Kim Fowley interviewed about Bob Dylan - (Shoeshine Records) (link found by Will Rigby)
SUGARTOWN has new sound clips in RealAudio.
With Neil Young, the musical adventure never ends - How many still-active rockers who began their ascent to fame and fortune in the 1960s are still relevent artistically? - Not Bob Dylan. - (Boston Globe) (link found by Jack Regan)

Friday, September 8:
Bob Dylan Audiosyncratic - (Muse) (link found by Kevin van der Leek)
Moorer deals with tragedy - (Boston Globe)
An elitist who empowered populism Trudeaumania - (National Post) (link found by Kevin Gardner)
Entertainment Highlights in History - 30 years ago: Woody Guthrie memorial concert - (Excite)
Leonard Cohen Redux: Angst For The Memories - (Boston Globe) (link found by Douglas Wilber)

Thursday, September 7:
"Last Party 2000" Soundtrack - Sheryl Crow does "Masters Of War" - (MTV) (link found by Jack Regan)
Olof's pages have been updated - (I Happen To Be A Swede Myself)
"The Roots of Bob Dylan" is out Sept 25, from - - (link from Ole Lien)
Wallflowers: Breach - (Entertainment Weekly) (link found by Steve Dube)
Jakob Dylan Reaches Inside for "Breach" - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Jarmo Palokallio)

Wednesday, September 6:
Dylan sells out tiny Dublin club show in 55 seconds - (Sonicnet) (link found by Michele Simpson)
Positively Dwarfed Street - (
Fans on desolation row at Dylan concert sell-out - (Belfast Telegraph)
MP3.Com Must Pay the Piper $118 million - (Wired) (tip from Markus) told to pay label - (CNN) (link found by Markus)
Jerry Wexler - (Salon) (link found by Steve Dube)
"I's All Over Now Baby Blue" Bonnie Raitt version in RealAudio under Steal This Soundtrack - (Steal This Movie) (link found by Zuke)

An Australian Adult Education Virtual Community called the Learners Realm is about to upload a web page which educates people about the realm of "Dylanism". The aim is to educate people about how Bob Dylan music has influenced people's lives - how people got in touch with Bob's music and studied him since. They call on people to email The Learners Realm at about what they have learnt from their experience of listening to Bob Dylan's music.

Tuesday, September 5:
Acoustic Dylan tickets are gone in 60 seconds - (Irish Times) (link found by Tiernan Henry, Patrick Kelly, Padraig Hanratty, Michael Farry and Markus Prieur)
Listen to the songs we sing - (Austin American-Statesman) (link found by Monty Waters)
Beatles, Radiohead albums voted best ever - (CNN) (link found by Stuart Lutz)
A Chance to Break the Pop Stranglehold - (NY Times) (link found by NRK Petre Roxrevyen)

Monday, September 4:
Vicar Street tickets sold out in 1 minute - (Aiken Promotions) (link found by Markus, who got two tickets)
'Q' magazine in England are advertising a whole special issue dedicated in its entirety to Bob to come out in mid-October. (from Charles Edinger)
Find ordering info for this "Q" issue by using "View Source" for this page!

Sunday, September 3:
Chelsea mourning - Dylan got married there, Viva gave birth there and Nancy died there. The Velvet Underground's John Cale pays tribute to the most famous hotel in the world - (Observer)
Napster beats the reaper - (Computer User)
Jonas Paulsen has three tickets for Wembley Oct 5 that he cannot use, he can be reached at
Lainie Kazan: Posing for Playboy almost killed me - (National Enquirer)
The Romance of Remorse - Emmylou Harris (NY Times) "Red Dirt Girl" out Sept 12, from - Maybe you will also like Julie Miller?
On Napster there is a 56 kbps mp3 of "Wallflower" 3-26-98 by Steve Earle with Julie and Buddy Miller.
From The Underground 'Best of Broadside' compilation brings to light 89 folk tracks from 1962 to 1988 - (Newsday). From - (wrong price?)
E-mail confidential - (Globe and Mail) At, 4,000 people a day come looking for surprises in a form they can't find anywhere else: the intimate on-line letter. (NDC)

Saturday, September 2:
The literate liberator The discovery of Bob Dylan was a small form of salvation, writes John Kelly - (Irish Times) (link found by Tiernan Henry and Michael Farry)
ISIS updated current news page with information on the new Dublin show and party at the hotel next to the venue in Aberdeen.
Madison '91 mp3s - (No Direction Home) (link found by Rune Roalkvam)
The questionnaire: Fiona Banner - ... best known for her 'wordscapes', in which she handwrites films from memory - (Guardian / Observer)
(Still) Rockin' Robin Son of Ronnie Hawkins - (National Post)
Book review: The Second Coming of Steve Jobs - (CNN) From

Friday, September 1:
"MTV Unplugged" goes gold - (Yahoo / The Hollywood Reporter)
RIAA gold requirements.
Leon Redbone has a web site. Check this guy out!!

Thursday, August 31:
"Biography" review - (Pioneer Planet, bottom of page) (link found by Jack Regan)
Also note that Karla Bonoff, "one of folk-pop's great lost voices" will play in Texas mid-September. See Bryndle web site.
Dylan plans Vicar Street curtain raiser - (Irish Independent) Removal of seats will give space for 1000 fans (news from Markus)
Going, Going, Gone: Best Breakup Songs - (sonicnet)
Richard and Linda Thompson's Hidden Treasures New CD: Best Of Richard & Linda Thompson.
Taking Sides in the Napster War - (NY Times)

Wednesday, August 30:
The Best of Broadside - (Broadside) (link found by Jürgen Kloss)
The Sundance Channel will show "Don't Look Back" on Sept 16 - (eonline) (link found by Douglas Evans)
The Band will get its due with albums' re-release - (San Jose Mercury News) (link found by Geir Olsen, Land of the Midnight Sun)

Tuesday, August 29:
There will be a Dublin show on the 13th, in Vicar Street at 20:30 pm. Tickets will go on sale next Monday at 10:00 am. Online and outlets of Ticketmaster in Ireland. Capacity: 400-700 (Markus and Tiernan found this out)
Arts Center, Aided by Albany, Is to Rise on Woodstock Festival Site - (NY Times)
A glimpse into Bob Dylan's lost years The Guardian article reprinted in Australia. - (the Age) (link found by Philce, Patricia Jungwirth)
Annotated version of Pat Garrett book tries to set record straight - (CNN) (link found by Markus)
From - -
Eclectic Grateful Dead Covers Disc Features Bob Dylan, Patti Smith - (SonicNet) (link found at by Ole Lien) "Stolen Roses" at
George Harrison's Next One From The Vaults? - (launch) (link found by Ian Fitzgerald)
Tribute to Woody Guthrie last Monday night in Dublin - (Irish Times) (link found by Sean McArdle)
Double Trouble : Bill Clinton and Elvis Presley in the Land of No Alternatives by Greil Marcus - (Henry Holt) (link found by Jürgen Kloss) From - -
A Race of Singers: Whitman's Working-Class Hero from Guthrie to Springsteen by Bryan K. Garman - (Association of American University Presses) (link found by Jürgen Kloss)
From - -
Wallflowers' video Sleepwalker in QuickTime - (

Monday, August 28:
All I really want to do - (Guardian via (posted by Andrew / sleeplessdream)
Dylan In Woodstock (Genesis Publications)
Genuine Live 66 scans - (
"Can't You Hear Me Callin' : The Life of Bill Monroe, Father of Bluegrass" - (Chicago Tribune). From -
Stephen King's band The Rock Bottom Remainders will be joined on their tour by Roger McGuinn (link found by Jesper Troelstrup)

Sunday, August 27:
A Brazilian Beagle named Bob Dylan (link from Fabio Augusto)
Rock star plays free concert Mellencamp played in Cincinnati - (Cincinnati Post)
Gearing up for greatness Folk legends Odetta, Garnet Rogers share stories of inspiration - (Ottawa Sun) Remastered "Odetta Sings Dylan" from -
Britain's most rejected poet lays down his pen - (Independent)
A blue Babel of stories and photos - (Miami Herald) "Blue" by Benjamin Zucker from - - (Or Vini-Der-Puh in Yiddish, Bob? From )
One Album to His Name, but It's the Stuff of Legend Willis Alan Ramsey (NY Times). From

Saturday, August 26:
Something Right in a World Gone Wrong, the new BDX entry, is a poem by Jason Miller.
Wallflowers' "Sleepwalker" video clip - ( (link found by Marty Megliorino)
Really Randoms - Dion 3-CD collection with Dylan liner notes contribution- (Rolling Stone) (link found by Ian Fitzgerald)
Happy ending for the tale of Seeger's lost banjo - (ABC news) (link found by Faith L. Hartzler)

Friday, August 25:
'N' rating could shake up concert logic - (The Star)
Carl Barks, creator of classic Disney comic strips, has died. (NDC)
Knight Of The Hurricane - Madison Square Garden, Dec 1975 - (mp3s) (link found by Stefan Toth)

Thursday, August 24:
Third Annual DiVi Award Winners Announced "Don't Look Back" DVD nominated but did not win - (
Wallflowers' Breach to be released Oct 9 (UK) 10 (US) - (music365)
Sleepwalker video preview - (
Ballad of a Tin Man The Ballad of Ramblin’ Jack - (LA Weekly)
The Heavenly Jukebox Napster, of course... - (Atlantic Monthly) (link found by Kevin van der Leek)
When Bob Dylan Came to Salina - ( (link found by Stefan Toth)
mp3-world has some Dylan parodies.

Wednesday, August 23:
Bob Dylan Bootleg Covers - new site.
The Band: Music From Big Pink Remastered - from
The Band: Band Remastered - from (links found by Matt Bieber)
MP3 soars on settlement with Sony Music - (Financial Times) has mp3s of Love Minus Zero/No Limit and The Times from Krakow 17.7.94. Click "Dylan w Polsce" (Dylan in Poland), scroll down the review and click highlighted "Love Minus Zero/No Limit" and "The Times they Are A-Changin'" for mp3's. (link from Artur Jarosinski & Mr Jinx)
Woodstock QuickTime Movies with Woodstock '69 clips in QuickTime, including Joe Cocker: Dear Landlord (link from Dag E Braathen)

Monday, August 21:
Please, Don't Play It One More Time - (LA Times)
Pete Seeger's banjo, which once was lost, has now been found. (PSB)
Anaheim 10 March 2000 mp3 downloads - (link found by Lars Haltbrekken)
Greil Marcus' Real Life Top 10: Joan Osborne, "Righteous Love" - (Salon) (link found by Arthur Louie)
CP Lee's band of acid skiffle merchants, Col. Lee's Mounted Ratigators, are playing two gigs this week. Wednesday 23rd at The Welcome pub, Dickinson Road, Rusholme in Manchester. Admission free, 9pm start. Friday 25th at the Bolton Octagon Theatre, as part of the Bolton Festival. 7-30pm start, admission £5.00. Tickets available on the door
ISIS magazine has reserved 50 rooms at the Premier Lodge in Wembley for Bob's London dates, details have been updated on their current news page.

Sunday, August 20:
Steal This Myth: Why We Still Try to Re-Create the Rush of the 60's - (NY Times)
Piano on stage How Bob tempted the audience with a piano - (frinjdwelr via DejaNews)
Now available: Rick Danko: Times Like These the most intimate Danko release ever (Gary Stoller) - (Woodstock Records)
Home of the free Mellencamp plays unnanounced gigs - (Edna Gundersen in USA Today) (link found by Hodah) - official website.

Saturday, August 19:
Thousands Fill Rome in 'Catholic Woodstock' Youths walk the streets ... singing religious songs or Bob Dylan's "Blowin' in the Wind" in dozens of languages. - (Washington Post)
A puff from the past Peter, Paul & Mary play Forth Smith tonight - (Arkansas Online)
'Ramblin' Jack' hits the right notes - (Christian Science Monitor)
The Charm Attack begins here Leona Naess, born in Norway, her stepmother for a time was diva Diana Ross - (Sidney Morning Herald)
Joan Osborne: Righteous Love includes "To Make You Feel My Love" - (Wall of Sound)

Friday, August 18:
Deep Beneath The Waves: Genuine Live 1966 review!!
Bob Dylan Digital Images by Martin Beek
Quanta strada, Bob - Mentions Expecting Rain! (diario della settimana) (link found by Gianni)
Net levels playing field Many Dylan references - (cnet)
Blonde on Blonde Super Audio CD - Japanese edition - (sony) (link found by Itsuko Nishimura)
Bob waves Goodbye Brian (Brian) (Brian Wilson)
Pictures from Moline, IL July 12, 2000
Last Thoughts on Woody Guthrie wallpaper / desktop pic in gif format (J Gregory Caporaso)
"Red Dirt Girl", Emmylou Harris' new CD out Sept 12, from
Tip from Dag E Braathen, who has an unofficial Emmylou Harris web site.

Thursday, August 17:
Charlie Daniels interview - (House of Blues) (link found by Ole Lien)
Karen writes: I heard about a political documentary that is playing here in Canada called Life Under Mike. It was made by a Toronto movie maker, a guy named James Motluk. Apparently it has a Dylan song, Man Of Peace. (Does anybody) know who this guy is? How did he get Bob to agree to the song? Does Dylan pay attention to Canadian politics?
Craig Jamieson has published these two books: "The Perfection Of Wisdom" and "A Study of Nagarjuna's Twenty Verses on the Great Vehicle (Mahayanavimsika) and his Verses on the Heart of Dependent Origination."
Woody Guthrie discussion list - (eGroups) (started by Thomas Huber)
Napster Supporters Deface Web Sites, Blast Metallica - (Newsbytes) (link found by MacCentral)

Wednesday, August 16:
The Ballad Of Ramblin' Jack soundtrack available from (link found by Lars Haltbrekken)
Ramblin' On jack - (NY Post)
A Down-Home Ramblin' Persona From Brooklyn - (NY Times) (link found by Jack regan) The Ballad of Ramblin' Jack movie.
We're not under Dylan's influence anymore - (Bergen Record)
Alvin's Personal 'Public Domain' - (Washington Post) (link found by Jack Regan)
Music Review: Smokey's superb, and the crowd seconds that emotion - (Post-Gazette)

Lost, Stolen, or Strayed:
On Tues, Aug. 8, a one-of-a kind 5 string banjo in a green cloth case was removed from the back of folksinger Pete Seeger's vehicle either as he stopped briefly in Poughkeepsie, NY or in the small town of Rosendale where he was attending a political rally. This banjo was built by Seeger as a prototype which was later produced and sold by the Vega company. It has the following words written around the head of the instrument: "This Machine Surrounds Hatred and Forces it to Surrender". Any information leading to the return of this banjo would be deeply appreciated, to say the least! A cash reward is also being offered. Please check your local pawnshops, check e-bay, and in general keep your ears to the ground for any clues. Owner and fans heartsick! Thanks in advance for your help. : ( Sarah [Underhill] (from

Tuesday, August 15:
Music With A Message What's your favorite protest song of the '60s and '70s?- (Discovery) (link found by Michele Simpson)
Dylan biography a bland rehash - (Sun-Sentinel) (link found by Cam Furman)
My Dylan Papers: The Woodstock Festival - (Blacklisted Journalist / Al Aronowitz) (link found by Hodah)

Monday, August 14:
More Biography reviews:
by Anthony Violanti - (Buffalo News)
A&E says the Dylan Biography is NOT available on DVD.
Bob Dylan Does the Movies - (Daily News)
Nelson Gets Bluesy On 'Milk Cow' - (Billboard) (link found by Matt Bieber)

Sunday, August 13:
Bob Dylan, Man of Mystery Biography coming on A&E Sunday August 13- (TVGuide)
Bob Dylan - ( (link found by Dag E Braathen)

(P)reviews of Biography:
Phil Kloer's Weekend Viewing Guide - (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) (link found by Jack Regan)
Striking a Chord - (Newsday)
It's Part 'Biography' And Part Mystery - (NY Daily News)
'Dylan' Worth It, But Misses a Few Notes - (NY Daily News)
Television: Dylan 'Biography' enriched by rare archival 'finds' - (Star Tribune) (link found by Nelson French)

Dylan Douglas - (Guardian)
Events Volunteers - (Washington Post) Saturday, Sept. 23 in Largo: Volunteers are needed to perform to music by Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, the Temptations, Little Richard and the Platters.
Dead Leader Reborn As Art S.F. not grateful for Jerry Garcia statue - (SF Gate)
Can I crawl out your window? The day Bob Dylan & the Rolling Thunder Revue unwound at Mama Frasca's Dream Away Lodge in Becket, MA- (

Saturday, August 12:
Sailing Far From the Edmund Fitzgerald Gordon Lightfoot may be 62 and none the better for wear, but he could be a movie star - (NY Times) (link found by Jack Regan)
Dylan & the Frucht : The Two Wits by Ronnie Keohane. Over 150 of Bob Dylan's quotes and lyrics are paired with over 120 Bible teachings by Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum to reveal the depth and content of both writer's works. From

Friday, August 11:
Charlie Sexton is 32 today. Congratulations! (Newark Star-Ledger) (from Tim Rahto and Robert Benson Coover)
Isis Current News page reports that there is likely to be a second Dublin show at a smaller venue, and there will be no Belfast show.
Bob Dylans lyrics - the complete list - check it out.
My guestbook seems to be working again, you are welcome to Sign and Read.
Dylan Douglas - (Guardian) (link found by Sarah Poynting)

Thursday, August 10:
George, Washington June 18,2000 mp3 - (No Direction Home) (link found by Chris Elliott)
Peter Stone Brown shows in PA August 19 and 24.
D.A. Pennebaker's legendary documentary on Bob Dylan, Don't Look Back, will air on Sundance Channel in September as part of Sonic Cinema. Cable customers can subscribe to Sundance Channel by calling 1-800-SUN-FILM. Airing: Sep 16 9:00pm; 20 7:00am, 2:30pm; 24 6:05pm; 28 1:05pm, 1:05am

Wednesday, August 9:
U.S. states sue Big Music Coalition charges major record labels and retailers with price-fixing - (CNN) (link found by Andrew Buettner) - Concert Video source (link found by Joy Munsey)
Rick Danko: Times Like These - (Woodstock Records) (link found by Matt Bieber)
Baez, Carthy: 'Co-mentors' in folk - (CNN) (link found by Markus Prieur)
Chris Whitley "Perfect Day" opens with cover of "Spanish Harlem Incident". From (tip from Boosingh)
All Time Greatest Movie Songs Vol. 2 Includes Bob Dylan: All Along The Watchtower - (Sony Norway) (link found by jarmo palokallio)
The Ballad of Ramblin' Jack - (soundtrack) (link found by Ole Lien)
Hibbing - (Jo Slater) (link found by Joy Munsey)
What's in a name Dylan origin - (This is London) (link found by Joy Munsey)

Tuesday, August 8:
Joseph Lieberman's Happy Birthday speech in the Senate when Dylan was 50 - (can be found by searching (link found by Bertram Johnson)
Wallflowers 'Breach' The Wait For New Album - (Billboard) (link found by Matt Bieber)
The Ghost in the CD Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music, Volume Four - (Village Voice) (link found by Matt Bieber) from,

Monday, August 7:
Real Life Rock Top 10 - (Salon) (link found by Dane Strom)
Drummer Jim Keltner interviewed - (LiveDaily) (link found by Carter Lewis)
A strong eclectic mix at Newport - (Boston Globe) (link found by Geir Olsen)
Brian Morton's "The Dylanist" - (bookreporter) (link found by Geir Olsen)
Buy the book from - -
Paperback Writers - (NY Times)
Donna The Buffalo covers "Man of Constant Sorrow" on Positive Friction. From - - (link found by K.A. Lopes)
Man Of Constant Sorrow - only known performance by Jackson Browne (RealAudio) (link found by Franklin L. Grey, Jr.)
Can Belle Hear This Haunting Refrain? - "Like a Rolling Stone" as a grand anthem in sports (Hartford Courant) (link found by Gilbert Walker)
Forever Neil Young - ( (link found by Dana Hanson)

Sunday, August 6:
Music Fans Unite is a new campaign to help get the voice of fans on the Internet heard. With all the controversy surrounding Napster and digital music on the Web, they want to make sure that fans like us have a say in the future of music on the Internet. If you want to check them out and sign their petition, go to
Artisan clicks on '' - D.A. Pennebaker makes new documentary (The Hollywood Reporter) (link found by Geir Olsen)
Newport Folk Festival withstands test of time - (MSNBC) (link found by Geir Olsen)
Newport Folk Festival features Willie Nelson, Natalie Merchant - (CNN/ AP) (link found by Jimmy Lee Hannaford, Doug, Jack Regan, Andrew Buettner) - (official website)
The ISIS website (current news page) has been updated with lots of local news regarding the upcoming UK tour and our Portsmouth Party.
Second Wembley show in London has been confirmed. Tickets go on sale Monday morning.
The Neil Young site has new videos up for viewing, but I don't have the time to hunt for the right place. If someone can direct me straight there I would be grateful.
Italian guitar player Luigi Catuogno performs To Ramona - (RealAudio)
It ain't me babe - Dylan is back in Britain in September ... you can still get tickets. The question is: would you want one? (Scotland on Sunday) (link found by Chris McKay)
Whole Lot of Commentary Going On - Benjamin Zucker's first novel, 'Blue' (NY Times) (link found by Jack Regan)
Aaron Neville's album 'Devotion' includes cover of "I Shall Be Released" - (Billboard) (link found by Jack Regan)
Oh, Mercy (Remastered) and Blonde On Blonde (Remastered) listed as released 07/28/2000 in Australia (
Things Have Changed CD singles will be out in the UK Sept 30th.

Friday, August 4:
Guster, the band that opened for Dylan at Stanhope, keep a Road Diary, check the entry for 08.01.00 when Ryan met Bob. (link found by Tim Rahto)
See the New Movie? No, but I Heard the Soundtrack - (NY Times)

Thursday, August 3:
One mom's Napster dilemma - (MSNBC) (link found by Dag E Braathen)
Kinky Friedman & Little Jewford - (Sphincterrecords) (link found by Dag E Braathen)

Wednesday, August 2:
Sharps and Flats Sheryl Crow, Steve Earle, Ani DiFranco and others rework '60s classics for "Steal This Movie." But does Bob Dylan need updating? - (Salon)
U2 Stirring Their Souls in the Studio - (Yahoo! / Rolling Stone) (link found by David Cooper)
The Buzz: Music video, 'Absolutely' single drive band into pop success - (Post-Gazette) (link found by Jack Regan)
Folk legend brings musical legacy to New Mexico - (Sydney Morning Herald)
VH1 will air "The 100 Greatest Rock n Roll Moments on TV", which includes Bob Dylan's performance on the Johnny Cash show. Thursday August 3rd at 10 PM is the first airing, and it seems it will be rebroadcast five more times on Friday and Saturday.
Nick Cave and Bob Dylan - (link found by Michael Case)

Tuesday, August 1:
Dylan works new magic with old songs - (Philadelphia Inquirer) (link found by Len Colner) allows donations from you to the artist (link found by Sam C. Visser)

Monday, July 31:
Last night's Stanhope setlist.
Why the Chelsea set may run out of room - (Daily Express)
Hypnotist Collector is now the new BDX.
Bob Dylan: Stradivarius Of a Second Fiddle - (Washington Post) (link found by Jack Regan)

Sunday, July 30:
Last night's Columbia setlist.
Bootleggers Use Hear Aid To Record - (Yahoo! / AP)
Before Bluegrass, Bill Monroe Was Already a Star - (NY Times) (link found by Zuke)
What Would You Give in Exchange? - -
Jazz as a Window on Life in the 50's Day at the 1958 Newport Jazz Festival - (NY Times) (link found by Zuke)
McGuinn's Folk Den Support new ways of music distribution, download Roger's free tracks, then order the DAM CDs if you like them! - (
Dylan Sings to the Mountaintops Mesa del Sol review - (Fox News)
Global conflict? Buena Vista Social Club success, "Judas!" and World Music - (Sunday Times)
A leap of faith Jenna Elfman AKA Dharma has serious ambitions - (Sunday Times)
MP3: Don't Fly Unless It's Safe Cool, quiet Infidels 1983 instrumental outtake - (3,7 MB mp3)
Mark Knopfler (guitar), Mick Taylor (guitar), Alan Clark (keyboards), Robbie Shakespeare (bass), Sly Dunbar (drums), Bob Dylan (Krogsgaard)

Saturday, July 29:
Last night's Camden setlist.
Copyright in the Age of Napster - (NY Times)
Wilco Talks Mermaid II, Next Album - (Yahoo!music) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Neil Young On a Good Day - (NY Times) (link found by Jack Regan)

Friday, July 28:
Positively Fourth Street Mount Rushmore Reclaimed. An Essay Without Words - (John Rampley)
Playful Dylan Blowin' in The Wind and Rain - (Newsday) (link found by David Buchbinder)
Folk-rock's backbone Chris Hillman and Herb Pedersen at the Bottom Line tonight - (Bergen Record)
Remembering Elizabeth Cotten a key figure in the folk revival of the 60's, a National Heritage Fellow and a Grammy-winning recording artist - (themestream)
Rage Against The Machine Lines Up New Covers For Live Album - (cdnow)
Early 80s Dylan Photos by William E. Allen (link found by Bob Meyer)
Bob Dylan mp3: Cedar Rapids first six tracks.

Thursday, July 27:
I have moved this site from Norway to the US. The domain name is moving from the old to the new server. If you see the Monet logo it means you see the Norwegian site; if you see the Musicfans logo it is served from the US.
Pictures from Toronto - (Michele Simpson)
Dylan rolls into town with Phil Lesh - (Washington Times) (link found by worldnews)
Court Cuts the Music on Napster - (cnet)
Last night's Wantagh setlist.
Bob Dylan Ventura, California, June 30th - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Luke Heidt)
Dust Bowl Balllads reissue - (Salon) From

Wednesday, July 26:
Last night's Scranton setlist.
Dylan Makes N.M. Show Memorable - (Yahoo/AP) (link found by Jimmy Lee Hannaford)
Bio of Bob Dylan - (Yahoo/AP) (link found by Jimmy Lee Hannaford)
"The Best of Broadside 1962-1988" boxed set Aug 22 - (Bergen Record) (link found by Geir Olsen) From
Dylan, changing with the times, connects with crowd - (Scranton Times) (link found by Alex Leik)

A&E Channel, August 13: Biography. Bob Dylan. (link found by Doug Evans, Brian Kolonick) A special two-hour portrait of the kid from Hibbing, Minnesota, who became "the voice of a generation" in the turbulent 1960s. Follows Dylan's journey from folk troubadour to rock'n'roll trailblazer, and looks at his struggles to raise a family, his surprising conversion to Christianity, and the songs that made him a cultural icon by the age of 25.

Broadcast times (Eastern) for the Dylan Bio on A&E:
Sunday, Aug 13th -- 8:00 pm; repeated at 10:00 pm
Monday, Aug 14th -- 12 midnight; repeated at 2:00 am

Those interviewed here are singer Dave Van Ronk, an early influence on Dylan's folk styling, and drummer/singer Levon Helm of The Band, whose collaborations with Dylan are among his career highlights.

"Rock Legends Week: Relive the moments nobody can remember" The rest of the week: David Crosby, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Mick Jagger, Sam Phillips.

Tuesday, July 25:
With Friends and Dylan at E-Centre Lesh interview - (Philadelphia Daily News)
Tired of bland lyrics, sound-alike singers? This album's for you Hazel Dickens - (Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer) (link found by Dag E Braathen)
CD "It's Hard To Tell The Singer From The Song" contains bluegrass version of "Only A Hobo".
Giacchetto's group files for bankruptcy Dylan children among creditors - (Excite/Variety) (link found by Geir Olsen)
Nordmann reddet R.E.M.-landemerke Norwegian helped save R.E.M. landmark from demolition. (NDC) - (Dagbladet, Norwegian)
Release date for new Wallflowers album - (the wallflowers network) (link found by anonymous)

Monday, July 24:
Last night's Saratoga Springs setlist.
They loved them, yeah Rock's biggest TV moments (on VH1 July 31?) - (Philadelphia Daily News) (link found by Geir Olsen)
Dylan and Lesh make the old new again - (Times Union) (link found by Alex Leik)
Dylan on second fiddle an odd sight - (Boston Herald) (link found by Rich Petlock)
Dylan plays it straight, while Lesh and friends jam it up - (Boston Globe)
Bob Dylan reckless, refined - (MassLive) (link found by Rich Petlock)
Dylan puppet sold for $1550 - (
Sinead O'Connor: No regrets - (New Zealand Herald)
Trash Talking -Garbologist busted for selling pot, millions stashed away in Luxembourg bank. (NY Daily News)

Sunday, July 23:
Last night's Mansfield setlist.
Steve Earle plays a noisy show in New York for -- who else? -- a bunch of literary types - (Salon)
Dylan Sparkles; Lesh Needs A Spark - (Hartford Courant) (link found by Rich Petlock)

Saturday, July 22:
Last night's Hartford setlist.
'Buena Vista' makes you wonder about American radio - (Pioneer Planet)
Vinyl: It's never final - (
The Public wants you to come to the cabaret - The Pittsburgh Public Theater and Starbucks will host a cabaret at the O'Reilly Theater after the performances of "Macbeth" tonight and July 28 and 29... Ann Cahouet, a lawyer at Reed, Smith, Shaw and McClay, will be singing Bob Dylan's "Gotta Serve Somebody" as part of a rhythm and blues quartet.
Bragging about Woody - (The Irish Times)
Better, later - Nick Drake record sell because of car ad. (The Irish Times)
Bob Dylan mp3 has Dresden 24 April.

Friday, July 21:
Dylan was Dylan, Lesh was a bit Dead - Toronto review (National Post) (link found by Paul Bagnell)
Old Dog, New Tracks - (Hartford Courant) (link found by Rich Petlock)
Blaming Pearl Jam For Roskilde Deaths 'Ludicrous,' Band Manager Says - (NDC) (Sonicnet) (link found by Justin Sullivan)

Thursday, July 20:
Last night's Canandaigua setlist.
Dylan, Dead bassist freshen classic tunes - (Globe and Mail) (link found by Wally Brooker)
Star of the Week: John Cusack - (Sunday Times) (link found by Kris K)
Travelin' man Ramblin' Jack Elliott - (The Boston Phoenix) (link found by Mike Britten)
Seeger still spreading the gospel according to Woody - (ZWire)
Song And Dance Man page with mp3 samples of some BobJokes - (Dag E Braathen)
Release Neil Young On The Beach! (NDC) - (link found by Zuke)
That Was the Week That Was Entertainment highlights during the week of July 23-29:
35 years ago: Bob Dylan performed at the Newport Folk Festival in Rhode Island. The audience tried to boo him off the stage because he played an electric guitar. - (AP)

Wednesday, July 19:
Roger McGuinn: One musician's take on Net Music - (Yahoo! News) (link found by R. Hargis)
Bob Dylan and Phil Lesh at Merriweather Post Pavilion - (Washington Post) (link found by Aaron Knueppel)
Adored folkie Dylan comes full circle - (Toronto Star) (link found by Wally Brooker and Alex Leik)
Ailing folk icon spent years at 'Gravestone' - (Bergen Record) (link found by Matt Houston)
Last night's Toronto setlist.
EMI Unveils Payable Downloads - Atlantic Releases Led Zeppelin Downloads - (Yahoo! music) (links found by Charles W. Prince)
Dylan Feeds Off Energy of Dueling Guitarists - (Chicago Tribune) (link found by Karen Green)
Cool night with Bob - (Canoe) (link found by Alex Leik and Bruce Hughes)
Bob Dylan Molson Amphitheatre - July 18, 2000 Review - (MusicInsight)
Nicolette Larson Remembered - (Launch) - Nicolette Larson memorial page.
Dylan & Baez' Peace Sunday, Rose Bowl Pasadena June 6, 1982 setlist.
Rebel Without a Film Biography ... Until Now James Dean bio next year on TNT cable - (NY Times)

Tuesday, July 18:
"Steal This Movie" (soundtrack), out July 25, includes Bonnie Raitt cover of "It's All Over Now Baby Blue", and Jackson Browne / Joan Osborne do "My Back Pages". From (link from Kris K)
New web address for Isis.
Freewheelin' site updated with Vol 16 article, Tape News and cartoons.

Monday, July 17:
Last night's Clarkston setlist.
Bob Dylan, Phil Lesh: Bard And The Bore Joint Tour Needs Some A-Changin' - (Channel Cincinnati) (link found by Scott Hakes)
Dylan shows new generation just how rock is done - (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) (link found by Cory Ritterbusch)
VH-1 Bob Dylan Fan Club - (vh1)
Next Time Try Compassion has several Dylan-relevant sections.

Sunday, July 16:
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right - 2.7 MB mp3 file with the Wonder Who from 1966 (= Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons)
Last night's East Troy setlist.
Dylan reminds us that music heals - (Jim Walsh, Pioneer Planet)
The Band reiss/A> - (
Warner Bros. To Bow Extensive Remasters Series - (Billboard)

Saturday, July 15:
Picture of "The Formation" from the Las Vegas show.
Bob & Brian - (Toronto Star) (link found by Bill Greene)
In front of a hometown crowd, Dylan shimmies his way through groovy tunes - ( (link found by Mary DuCharme)
Last night's Minneapolis setlist.
Coming soon:, the world's leading network of music fan sites.
Willie Nelson's "Red Headed Stranger" made him -- and Austin, Texas -- a star - (Salon).
CD from
Special Tour 2000 Issue - (Bob Dylan Critical Corner)
Steve Earle Talks Tour, Politics - (Yahoo! music) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
"Transcendental Blues" CD from
Cooder Brings Buena Vista to PBS - (Yahoo! music) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
"Buena Vista Social Club" DVD from

Friday, July 14:
Crosby Chronicles Musical Activism - (Wall of Sound) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
At Last, Okemah! - (play by Adam Selzer)

Thursday, July 13:
Last night's Moline setlist.
Dylan, echoes of Dead fire up Riverbend crowd - (Cincinnati Post) (link found by Alex Leik)
Alan Greenberg Screenwriter of Robert Johnson play "Is Your Love in Vain", has two projects with Dylan in the works - (New York Press) (link found by Andrew Klewan)
Dylan dazzles early crowd - (Cincinnati Enquirer) (link found by Zuke and Scott Hakes)
Guitarist G.E. Smith Returns To Stamford For Concert - (Stamford Advocate)

Wednesday, July 12:
Last night's Cincinnati setlist.
Clapton & B. B. : "Riding with the King" - (Salon)
Napster Debate Moves to Capitol Hill Lars Ulrich and Roger McGuinn present alternate sides of the debate. - (Rolling Stone)
Internet music debate plays out on Capitol Hill - (CNN)
Metallica plays Capitol Hill - (Salon)
Metallica Takes Napster to Task in Senate Judiciary Hearings - (NY Times)
Statement of Roger McGuinn - (
Photo (Reuters)
The greatest song ever written: "In My Life" - (Mojo / Music 365)
"Festival" with Dylan's Newport appearances showing on July 12th in L.A. (mods and rockers)
Dylan cartoon - Go to Friday 16 June: one string guitar only good for... ( (link found by Tony Ogden)
20 noteworthy tunes mark music scene's turnaround in mid-2000 - (Hilburn, LA Times) (link found by Mary DuCharme)
Dharma & Greg "Play Lady Play" episode on Norwegian TVNorge tonight, Wednesday.

Tuesday, July 11:
Wire: Says the joker to the thief Another mention of the Jokes page - (VH1) (link found by Kris K)
Lesh and Friends set meanders to nowhere - (Star News) (link found by Alex Leik)
Recenti Pensieri su Bob Dylan - Last thoughts on Bob Dylan - Italian poem (Michele Lipparini )
No Title (Bonner Springs Review) - (Kansas City Star) (link found by Jack Regan)
Dave Alvin wonders what it's like to be Bob Dylan - (LA Times) (link found by Marty Trujillo and Kris K)
New Ani Difranco EP "Swing Set" out July 25, includes covers of "Hurricane" and "Do-Re-Mi". From,

Monday, July 10:
Nashville Punchline - Dylan does stand-up - Is Bob Dylan the funniest man in Rock? Includes mention of Expecting Rain Jokes page. (Music365)
Last night's Noblesville setlist.
These Hills Are Alive The North Mississippi Allstars are two Dickinsons and their friend Chris Chew. - (Time) (link found by john zureick)
Real Life Rock Top 10 - Brief Dylan mention only. (Salon) (link found by Chuck Koch)
Bob Dylan / Phil Lesh - (St. Lois Post-Dispatch) (link found by Jeff Khoury)

Sunday, July 9:
Dylan wrestling with 'Change' - Times are a-changin', and not in a good way, Dylan sings - (Pioneer Planet)
Music big part of Keillor's 'Prairie Home Companion' - (

Last night's Maryland Heights setlist.

Saturday, July 8:
Last night's Bonner Springs setlist.
Dylan legacy undeniable - (The Oklahoman) (link found by Alex Leik)
So Damn Hip is a site with a nice feature: the Bob Dylan lyric of the week. (link found by PhinnesheD)
Journey through a nation's psyche - Mermaid Avenue Vol II Review. (Sydney Morning Herald). CD from
Blues get Odetta into studio - (Ottawa Citizen) CD from

Friday, July 7:
Last night's Oklahoma City setlist.
Spitting Image puppets including a Dylan one on auction at
One single ticket for each of the US shows on July 25, 28, 30th for sale at cost (bought during the Internet pre-sale), contact
Napster death match, Round 3 - (Salon)
The band It Ain't Me, Bob will play Dylan music at a Quebec City Festival (Canada) on St-Jean Street, Saturday July 8 at 2PM.

Thursday, July 6:
Bob Dylan Quotations site has been revamped, take a look!
Bob Dylan Biography from Ana Holm.

Wednesday, July 5:
The Ballad of Ramblin' Jack movie opens August - (link found by Lee Kaufman, Hank Reineke)
Soundtrack out August 15, order from (link found by Kris K)
The Bridge web site has been updated to include details of the new tour book for 1999.

Tuesday, July 4:
Last night's Albuquerque setlist.
NPR 100: This Land Is Your Land tribute (NPR, RealAudio) (link found by Don Helling)
"Very Best Of Bob Dylan" Swedish release now available as import from Info, tracklist here.
Bob Dylan/Phil Lesh - California Ventura Fairgrounds - (NME) (link found by Sean McArdle)
David Gray about the "Bob Dylan albatross" - (BBC, RealVideo) (link found by Sean McArdle)
Cologne (Köln), Germany May 11, 2000 96 kbps mp3 files (No Direction Home)

Monday, July 3:
Preserving our History for Future - The Long Now Foundation

Saturday's Del Mar setlist.

Bob Dylan and Friends - (ABQTrib) (link from Jim Short)
Dylan, Lesh fill Seaside Park with fans from an earlier era - (Ventura County Star) (link found by Alex Leik)
The 20 Best Songs of 2000 - (LA Times) (link found by Don Helling)
Two American Anthems, in Two American Voices (Guthrie, Berlin) - (NY Times) (link found by John Zureick and William Robertson, Jr.)
SUGARTOWN is back on the air!
On Wallflowers' Latest CD, Jakob Dylan Gets Personal - (LA Times) (link found by Joy Munsey, Jack Regan, Geir Olsen)
Bob Dylans son Jakob sjunger om sin far: "Du generar oss alla" - (Aftonbladet, Swedish) (link found by Peter Lemmila)
Wallflowers Network
Hall, or Nothing at All Should Sinatra be in R&R Hall of Fame? - (LA Times) (link found by Joy Munsey and Jack Regan)
The Big T.N.T. Show Music stars of the 60's perform before a live audience - (American Movie Classics) (link found by Lawrence Levinstein)
Top of the week - (The Star) (link found by Geir Olsen)

Saturday, July 1:
Roskilde Festival, Denmark: Eight people crushed to death during last night's Pearl Jam concert.
Pearl Jam Statement

San Jose Mercury News - New York Times - Aftonbladet (Swedish) - Dagbladet (Norwegian) - Jyllandsposten (Danish) - Politiken (Danish).

Last night's Ventura setlist.

Bob Dylan Goes Electric Karaoke - (Newport Folk Festival 5 Aug 2000) (link found by Rich Petlock)

Marysville, CA 06/21/00 review - (Pause Record) (link found by Dane Strom)

Willie Nelson: "Red Headed Stranger" from 1975 now remastered, out July 4th, from -

Johnny Cash Talks Love, God and Murder - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Kris K)
"Love God Murder" box set from
Johnny Cash - The Man His World His Music (DVD) (includes Bob duets) from, and

Album Review: "Billy Bragg and Wilco" - (Post Gazette)

Friday, June 30:
Last night's Irvine setlist.

Fan Fury at Agent's Dylan Deals - (The Portsmouth News) (link found by Paul Stevens)

Woody Guthrie Show Cut Short to give way for an exhibit on the U.S. presidency - (Washington Post) (link found by Alex Leik) - has the European Dylan CDs and single (link found by Gary De Ell)

Dead Ahead - (LA Times) (link found by JIm Short)

Delia explanation timely for reader - (Savannah Morning News) (link found by Jack Regan)

Thursday, June 29:
Hole Makes Over Fifty MP3s Available on Web Site - (Rolling Stone)
Among these: It's All Over Now, Baby Blue.

Moon Over Broadway by D.A. Pennebaker is about Carol Burnett - (Chicago Tribune)
On DVD and VHS from

Wednesday, June 28:
Last night's Las Vegas setlist.

In a middle-age groove - (San Jose Mercury) (link found by Jack Regan)
Grateful Dead Tribute Due In August - (Billboard) (link found by Geir Olsen and Jack Regan)

Imagine, the FBI War On Lennon (NDC) - (New York Daily News)

Bob Dylan Returning Shirley Temple to Liza Minelli - painting by Elliot Green (Artnet) (link found by David Reisman)

Tuesday, June 27:
Million Miles review - (Jambands) (link found by John Haas)

U.S. Korean War veteran won't return and 'disturb the ghosts' - (Korea Herald) (link found by

Bob Dylan Biography TV show August 13 on A&E - (Musicstation) (link found by Kris K)

Blowin' In The Wind : Les Parcours de Bob Dylan - (new book) (link found by Gilles Girard)

Dylan drives it home - (SF Gate) (link found by Excite)

'Delia' of early song was Savannah resident killed in lovers' quarrel - (Savannah Morning News) (link found by Excite)

LIVE: Bob Dylan, Phil Lesh Mine Country, Blues, Jazz - (Yahoo!)
CD REVIEW: Elliott Smith's 'Figure 8' - (Daily Egyptian/Excite) (links found by Geir Olsen, Land of the Midnight Sun)
Elliott Smith interview by Carsten Wohlfeld.

Graysday - (Sunday Business Post) (link found by Kris K)

Monday, June 26:
Last night's Reno setlist.

Here is a site that indicates the release of remastered "Blonde On Blonde" and "Oh Mercy" from July 28th! (link from Avery Lerner)

Real Life Rock Top 10 - (Salon) (link found by Dane Strom)

Paul Griffin obituary - (Washington Post) (link found by Chris Contakes)
Paul Griffin, 62 - (Boston Globe) (link found by Excite)

Hattie Carroll's grave - (Find a Grave) (link found by Eyolf Østrem)
Davey Moore's grave - (Find a Grave) (link found by Eyolf Østrem and Lars Berglund)
Lyrics to The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll and Who Killed Davey Moore? (

Sunday, June 25:
Last night's Mountain View setlist.

Bob Dylan, Widespread Panic Cover Grateful Dead - (MTV) (link found by Keith Wootton)

Tape News No 177 - (Freewheelin')

Charlie and Will Sexton - Family Circle - (Austin Chronicle, Dec 20-26, 1996)

Mahir! Live - (SF Gate, Dec 16, 1999) (NDC) (link found by Trond Valberg)

Saturday, June 24:
Last night's Concord setlist.

Michael Gray's "Song & Dance Man III" now in hardcover (Limited editon, 250 copies), from:

Guster gains exposure, experience through opening slots - (Kentucky Kernel) (link found by Excite)

Lesh, Dylan stir sweet memories of tours gone by - (SacBee) (link found by Joy Munsey)

Da Vinci's Notebook "The Life and Times of Mike Fanning" has Ally McBeal "Like A Rolling Stone" parody - (Washington Post) (link found by Jack Regan)

Reverb Jim Dickinson "Time Out Of Mind" interview - (Miami New Times) (link found by Brian James)

Friday, June 23:
'60s icons Dylan and Lesh keep on rocking - (Mercurycenter)

18 days ago, the "The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan/ The Times They Are A-Changin'/Another Side Of Bob Dylan (LEGACY / COLUMBIA 61045)" was listed on the Sony Legacy New Releases page, with a release date of June 27th. Now it is no more to be seen on that page. We are not surprised (or amused).

Thursday, June 22:
Last night's Sacramento setlist.

Dough Sahm album review - (Salon) (link found by Brian James)

Energized Dylan rocks the Expo - (Mail Tribune) (link found by Alex Leik)

Wednesday, June 21:
Last night's Medford setlist.

Pick a song, any song: it's Dylan in Australian accents - (The (link found by Phil Teece)

Tuesday, June 20:
Dharma & Greg "The Trouble with Troubadour" (ABC) tonight at 09:00 pm ET with Lyle Lovett, k.d. lang, while there is a Jester on the sidelines.

Nina Simone at the Oriental Theatre - (Chicago Sun-Times) loses its memory - (Salon)

Dylan: "Are you still my friend, baby..." - (click on Dylan charicature, will probably disappear soon) (mailtribune) (link found by Jim Short)

Dylan, Lesh Offer Few Surprises - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Ingve Aalbu)

Sideman Supreme - Paul Griffin played with the best and was the best - Played piano on many classics - (Daily News) (link found by Dag E Braathen)

Monday, June 19:
Last night's George setlist.

Nick Drake's post-posthumous fame - (Salon)
AdCritic - also has the Pink Moon commercial.

"Best Of Bob Dylan Volume 2" review - (Q) (link found by Sean McArdle)

"Festival" with Dylan's Newport appearances showing on July 12th in L.A. (mods and rockers)
Last year's "Mods & Rockers" film festival sponsored by the American Cinematheque proved a feast for fans of the swingin' '60s. This year, for a second edition slated to run at the Egyptian Theatre from June 30 through July 12, co-organizer Martin Lewis has unearthed another assortment of music-oriented riches and embarrassments. One of the former is "Festival," a 1967 Oscar-nominated film of the early '60s Newport Folk Festivals, including the moment when Bob Dylan "went electric" to the horror of folk purists. Lewis says the film hasn't been screened in L.A. in about 30 years and has never been on TV or video. It will be shown closing day along with "Message to Love," a documentary on the 1970 Isle of Wight festival. (Quote from LA Times)

The ballad of Ramblin' Jack Elliott (MSNBC) (link found by Jack Regan)

The Beat: Lesh grabs a few new friends for latest tour - (sacbee) (link found by Jim Short)

Sunday, June 18:
Last night's George setlist.

Surf music Bob Dylan is inside my personal computer, clearing his throat Thanks to Napster - (Chicago Sun-Times)

Sleater-Kinney Raises the Stakes in Punk Rock by Greil Marcus - (NY Times)

Saturday, June 17:
Last night's Portland Meadows setlist.

Court Rules Father of the Blues Has a Son - (NY Times)

The poet and the player - (Oregon Live) (link found by Molly)

Friday, June 16:
Last night's Roseland Theater, Portland setlist.

A King of Infinite Space - Newsweek's Jack Kroll obituary (NDC) has pointer to item about next Wallflowers album "Breach", which includes Jakob Dylan - Elvis Costello duet.

Seven Days That Rocked The World - (Real Audio Links) Newport 1965 (BBC Radio 2, Jun 7, 2000) (Real Media, 6.7 MB) "For the purpose of study, review or critical analysis only (will be removed soon)"

Thursday, June 15:
Bob Dylan resumes his tour with a concert in Portland tonight.

Today, in 1965, Bob Dylan recorded "Like a Rolling Stone" in his first "electric session" at Columbia Studios in New York. (today-in-music)

Re-experiencing Jimi - (Globe and Mail) (link found by Arthur Louie)

Dylan brings Never-Ending Story to UK - (NME) (link found by Andrew.A.Klewan)

How Billy Bragg Brought a Legend Back to Life - (Washington Post) (link found by Amy Fuhrman)

Wednesday, June 14:
Courtney Love does the math - The controversial singer takes on record label profits, Napster and "sucka VCs." (Salon)

Woolly Rockers has hand made Dylan dolls. (link found by Ken Ashton)

"Best of Bob Dylan Vol. 2 + 2" available as an import from

A dome away from home - Wet 1978 Dylan concert set the stage for the building of a SuperDome. - (Sydney Morning Herald)

Bootlegs of Spanish Leather Review of the Dylan record that made this webmaster return to Dylan eight years ago

Uncertain, unfair and bloodthirsty Mystic and record collector Harry Smith knew life was cruel, yet his folk "Anthology" promised a way to "see America changed by music." - (Salon)

Dylan in the Fridge - (Requires Flash) (Icebox) (link found by Mike "Dylanphile" Paglia)

Tuesday, June 13:
European tour dates for September/October posted at Great Britain, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Paris France and the final concert at Wembley, London - (tip from Todd Brooks)

The Village, Guitars and Hootenannies: Stuff for a Museum? - (New York Times)
Springsteen Plays Song About Diallo at the Garden - (New York Times)

Monday, June 12:
'Things Have Changed,' But Dylan's Still Vital ... giving some of the best live shows of his life these days... (SF Gate) (Jim Short)

Greil Marcus reviews Dylan's "Blowin' in the Wind (live)" and "David Johansen & The Harry Smiths" in Real Life Rock Top 10 - (Salon) (link found by Chuck Koch)
"The Best of Bob Dylan, Volume 2".
"David Johansen & The Harry Smiths" from,

Hatfields, McCoys Stage Friendly Reunion (Excite) (NDC)
"The Ballad Operas: The Martins And The Coys", an Alan Lomax project from 1944, includes Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger. More at (tip from David Galbraith)

Swedish hacker-tracker is FBI and media darling. In recent weeks more than 150 foreign journalists have called James or traveled to his home -- a country cottage a short distance outside the university town of Uppsala -- to get his story. - (NDC) (Reuters)

Sunday, June 11:
Not Dark Yet RealVideo with still images - (SecondComing) (link found by Dag E Braathen)
Sealand is a tiny country, 6 miles off the cost of England. (NDC)

Saturday, June 10:
The list of Other Dylan Sites had grown too long, so I moved it to a separate page.
I am trying to make a more useful list of resouces on the left, please give me input, if you feel other things should be included.

Friday, June 9:
Early Dylan, the book with photos by Barry Feinstein, Daniel Kramer and Jim Marshall also exists in a German version, from (Tip from Klaus Boele) And of course the English version can be had from and

Thursday, June 8:
Steve Earle learns that back roads "never carry you where you want 'em to." (Salon)

Out June 15: Johnny Cash - The Man His World His Music (DVD) (includes Bob duets) from, and

The Old Thing Malvina Reynolds and Harry Smith argue for folk's historical authenticity. Whatever that is. - (Dallas Observer)

Dylan pasó por España is a Spanish language site about Dylan's shows in Spain and bootlegs, by José Manuel Segovia Lillo.

Wednesday, June 7:
Seven Days that Rocked the World This programme examines how Bob Dylan shocked and thrilled the audience at the 1965 Newport Festival when he appeared on stage with a full electric band. Things would never be the same again as Dylan brought to pop a lyrical intensity it had not seen before. Includes C.P. Lee. - BBC Radio 2, Wednesday 07 June, 22:00 to 22:30 - (Radio Times) (link found by Stephen Dunthorne)

I have added some more pictures to my 3-2-1 story.
Bob Dylan-skiva går inte att höra - Copies of "The Very Best of Bob Dylan" are hard to play - (Aftonbladet) (link found by Patrik Winquist) - sells the "Things Have Changed" single, but only to Sweden and Norway. (link found by Ole Lien)

Tuesday, June 6:
Reissue of Band catalog a labor of love The first four reissues will come in mid-August. - (Boston Globe)

Monday, June 5:
I have added some pictures to my 3-2-1 story.
Giulio Molfese has some pictures from the Italian concerts at Breadcrumb Sins.

Again, the "The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan/ The Times They Are A-Changin'/Another Side Of Bob Dy (LEGACY / COLUMBIA 61045)" is listed on the Sony Legacy New Releases page, with a release date of June 27th. (tip from Nick Spenceley)

Collector With a Common Name Had a Singular Ear for Important Music (Salt Lake Tribune) - about Harry Smith and Volume 4 of the Anthology Of American Folk Music.
Revenant and The Harry Smith Archives. Buy it from Volume 4, Anthology.
Read about the first volumes of the Anthology Of American Folk Music.

Henry McGuinn (son of...) and Jim Guittard play at The Crooked Bar on Sunset Blvd at Crescent Heights in West Hollywood on June 7th at 11pm.

Sunday, June 4:
Review from Cagliari.
Bob Dylan, il rock è leggenda - Several Dylan items from Sardinia (La Nuova Sardegna) (link found by Gianni Zanata)
Notte Magica con Bob Dylan - (L'Unione Sarda) Requires Acrobat. (link found by Andrea Orlandi)
Graham Nash's photos are music to the eyes - (Seattle P-I) (link found by Jack Regan)

Til We Outnumber 'Em: The Songs of Woody Guthrie with contributions from Country Joe McDonald, Bruce Springsteen, Ani DiFranco, Billy Bragg etc., from

Saturday, June 3:
Here is the Cagliari setlist, which concludes this European tour. Now back to the US, where the first concert is June 15 in Portland, Oregon, in the Roseland Theater which seats 1250. (Small, but not as small as Horsens.)

Friday, June 2: Peter Stone Brown plays in South Philly tonight!
Other dates include New York City on June 9th.

Bob Dylan, è il giorno del grande menestrello
- (L'Unione Sarda) (link found by zan)
David Cushman's term paper on Bob Dylan.
The Best Of Bob Dylan Volume 2 reviewed by Jim Wirth (Take a deep breath and count...) - (NME) (link found by Tiernan Henry)
Con Bob nella macchina del tempo - (il Resto del Carlino) (link found by Alberto Cuccu)
Japanese Best of Bob Dylan vol.2 - (SME) (link found by Itsuko Nishimura)
HMV Japan sells Japanese CDs and videos to overseas customers.

Thursday, June 1:
(A red day here in Norway.)
Ancona setlist.

Mermaid Avenue Vol II from Wilco and Billy Bragg contains Woody Guthrie lyrics.

Thomas Erle at his Bob Dylan: Highlands site has some 70 reviews from the German an international press about the shows in Germany and Switzerland (plus some Horsens and Polar Price). Most of them are in German, but there are some English clippings too. dates

Sugartown celebrates its one year anniversary!
Not Dark Yet is a site made by Markus in Cork, Ireland.
Woodie Guthrie's Second Life by Robert Christgau (Village Voice) (link found by Steve Walsh)
Truth is a Fixed Star - a dylanpage by hodah (plays BlueEyed Jane as it loads).
New Dead Tribute to Feature Costello, Dylan - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Jamie Lovinger)

Wednesday, May 31:
This site was down for 3-4 hours today, because a transformer melted somewhere near the steel mill in Mo!

Duncan & Brady transcribed by Eyolf Østrem.
Planned birthday party for Bob - (old news) (link found by Nelson French)

L'Unione Sarda today has Dylan article with nice drawings. Can't find it on the web site, so here is a pdf file (requires Acrobat). (Tip from Paolo Coghe)

Tuesday, May 30:
Here is the Firenze setlist.

Two Dogs Pub referat (Norwegian, but try the Quiz anyway!) - (Land Of The Midnight Sun)
Hvis du kan hjelpe med å oversette 1. runde, kontakt Dag før du begynner!
Martin Jack Rosenblum and John Hammond - Rode cab with Dylan in Milwaukee 1965.

Five San Francisco Bay Area Bob Dylan fans who wrote about their face-to-face encounters with the enigmatic and intensely private songwriter will read, answer questions, sing, and sign copies of Encounters with Bob Dylan: If You See Him, Say Hello at Borders Books in San Francisco on Wednesday evening, May 31, at 6:30 PM. Borders is located at 400 Post Street, across from Union Square.

Monday, May 29:
Yes, I'm back home, and just found the Milano setlist from last night.
Also another Dresden birthday review.
Three Concerts, Two Dogs and The One and Only Horsens - my report.

The Best of Bob Dylan - (Sony Music Italy) (link found by Dag E Braathen)
Bob Dylan Europe 2000 - made by a good, anonymous European.
Dylan And Lesh Hit The Amphitheaters - (live daily) (link found by Scott Hakes)
The Mystery Train Goes Live - Billy Bragg will discuss Woody Guthrie on Irish RTE Radio 1 Sunday June 4th - (RTE) (link found by Sean McArdle)
Midwestern Dylan fans perform works at Bob Fest 2000 - (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) (link found by The Lymans)

Dylans Auftritt in der Arena - (Tagesspiel) (link found by Jürgen Schellhase)
Legende auf Reisen - (Berliner Morgenpost) (link found by Jürgen Schellhase)
Nichts hat nichts zu bedeuten - (Berlin Online) (link found by Jürgen Schellhase)

Bob Dylan: Bluesman? - (link found by Jeremy Mayle)
On July 25, Grateful Dead Records will release a tribute album called "Stolen Roses". This will include a Bob Dylan contribution: "Friend of the Devil", most likely a live version from the past year or two (ICE item from Bob Hudson)
January 6, 2001: The performance of Friend of the Devil released on Stolen Roses is from March 1, 1999 performed at The Rio Suites Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. This was a "private" show for Lucky Brand Jeans. (info from Masato Kato)

Woody Guthrie Exhibit at the Museum of American History - (Washington Post) (link found by Joe P)
HBO special will include Eric Idle and Michael Palin (and Bob Dylan) - (Inkblotmagazine) (link found by Stephen Dunthorne)

"Bob Dylan on Film and Television" is now TV Talkin'.
Meine 5 Minuten mit dem Weltstar - (The woman who joined the band playing guitar during "Like A Rolling Stone" in Köln (Cologne) on May 11. (Express Online) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
A mumbling experience - (Guardian) (link found by Tiernan Henry)
Stones' Drummer Takes An Exotic Trip - (Yahoo!) (link found by Mike Fink)

Sunday, May 28:
Modena setlist.

Saturday, May 27:
Regensburg setlist
Dresden review.
Berlin review.
Regensburg review.

Friday, May 26:
Berlin review.

Thursday, May 25:
Dylan birthday tribute at sonicnet (Link from Kris K)
Oslo review (Norwegian)
Finnish Best of Bob Dylan TV ad at (Link from Jarmo Palokallio)

Wednesday, May 24:
Last Night's Berlin setlist.
Things have changed is the Hot Single of the Week in Holland. (Link from Ferdinand Lubberts)
Stuttgart review. (Link from Andrew F. Wilson)
Another Danish Horsens review. (Link from Flemming Madsen)
And yet another Danish Horsens review. (Link from Flemming Madsen)

Tuesday, May 23:
The five books you would bring to a desert island. (L.A. Times)
Steely Dan honored at music biz event-cites Dylan influence. (Link from Scott Hakes)

Monday, May 22:
Two Horsens reviews.
Danish Horsens review. (Link from Geir Olsen)
Another Danish Horsens review : Med Bob Dylan på bedetæppet
...and a short Horsens article from the local newspaper. : Forrygende D-dag
Rock's Original Poets, Still Howling", New York Times (Link from Randall Busack)
Another Stockholm review.

Sunday, May 21:
Tonight's Horsens setlist.

Saturday, May 20:
Tonight at 2000 I will be at Two Dogs Pub, Brugata 5, Oslo and give a talk about Expecting Rain.
Yesterday's Oslo setlist.
Stockholm review in Aftonbladet (Swedish) (Link from Ole Lien)
Listen to WFUV radio online Wednesday, May 24 : 6AM-9PM, City Folk: It's a Bob Dylan day for his 59th birthday, with wall-to-wall Dylan including covers, rarities, live tracks and more.
7-9 AM, Under the Covers: A Dylan cover-fest this morning. Hear two sets: the first of Bob's songs performed by others, plus a set of Bobby D. covering other songwriters.
(Link from Ellen Friedenberg)
More on Bob's HBO special.
(Linkfrom Sven Lewandowski) Stockholm review.
Oslo review.

Friday, May 19:
Bobfest 2000 to be held May 28 in Spring Green, Wisconsin.

Thursday, May 18:
Tonight's Stockholm Setlist.
Another Göteborg review.

Wednesday, May 17:
Last nights Helsinki setlist and review.
The Polar Prize : Aftonbladet (Swedish), and Dagens Nyheter (Swedish) (Links from Michael Ballstav)

Tuesday, May 16:
Lund review.
Dennis Cleary's Dylanbase. He's on the road and will post reviews as he sees the shows:)

Monday, May 15:
I missed out on one song in yesterdays Göteborg setlist. Thanks to everyone who made me aware of it:)
Göteborg review.
Tonight at 8:00 on Swedish SVT2 is the polar music prize banquet. It will be rebroadcast Saturday on SVT1. (From Dennis Cleary)
Official site for the Polar Music Prize.
Dylan kommer! (Aftonbladet, Swedish) (Link from Dan Persson)
Interview from 1997 with Aftonbladet (Swedish) (Link from Dan Persson)
Livet i Dylans sanger (GP News, Swedish) (Link from Ole Lien)
Bob Dylan ger fortfarande tröst (Dagens Nyheter, Swedish) (Link from Roger Mänsson)
Nya rön om Bob Dylans poesi. (Dagens Nyheter, Swedish) (Link from Roger Mänsson)
Bob Dylans tradition är den gamla bluesens (Svenska Dagbladet, Swedish) (Link from Roger Mänsson)

Sunday, May 14:
Today's Göteborg setlist.
Saturday's Lund setlist and review in Aftonbladet (Swedish) (Link from Roger Månsson).
New "Tape News" at The Freewheelin' Journal
Scotland on Sunday has an interview with Paul Simon. (Link From Roddy Forsyth and Shim)
"But Bob, how does it feel?" - The Observer. (Link from Tiernan Henry)

Saturday, May 13:
Friday's Hannover setlist.
Dylan 2000: Wenig Worte, viel Romantik (Hannoveresche Allgemeine) (Link from Wolfram W. Winkler)

Friday, May 12:
Unlike a Rolling Stone - (The Independent) (link found by Colin Rivers, Matt Reading, Andrew F Wilson, DHFurniss)
Bob Dylan - legend i sin livstid - (Svenska Dagbladet) (link found by Niklas Strömberg)
Thursday's Köln setlist and review.
Banned Napster users strike back.

A pair of Horsens tickets will be auctioned off next week. The money goes to cancer research. Auction starts May 14th, see - Bidding by phone or at - Last bid Thursday the 18th at 2000, result at 2215.

Thursday, May 11:
Ubangi Stomp - The Very Best of Warren Smith contains the track "Red Cadillac and a Black Moustache". Hear another version on "Sugar Shack- Best Of Jimmy Gilmer & The Fireballs". You may be able to hear a Bob Dylan version soon, on a Sun records tribute, recorded last week.

Norwegian "Beat" magazine has a review of Michael Gray's Song & Dance Man III by Johnny Borgan. Amazon link at the bottom of this page. In the same issue: obituaries for Rick Danko, Curtis Mayfield, Doug Sahm and Hank Snow.
Bob Dylan gör tv - (Spray) (link found by Michael Ballstav) features avantgarde art with Dylan images and inspiration.
Hundert Zeilen Einsamkeit - (Tages-Anzeiger, Zürich) (link found by Daniel Nufer)
Tomorrow is 'One Endless Night' for fans of Gilmore's musical mix - (Seattle (link found by Jack Regan)
Dylan blowin' back with another Best Of - (ITN) (link found by Joy)

The 400 Bar in Minneapolis will hold its annual Bob Dylan sound-alike contest on Thursday, May 18, at 7 p.m. Call 612-332-2903 for more details.

Der Mann mit der Maske von Bob Dylan - ( (link found by carsten wohlfeld)
Dylan provides a little variety - (NME) (link found by Joy)
'The Ideas Are There' Gordon Lighfoot - (GoErie)
In Norway, NRK Radio P1 (RealAudio) will have a Dylan special by Petter Myhr Friday 19 at 2303-2400. CD giveaways, too. On other Fridays, he will play at least one Dylan tune.

I am leaving home tomorrow, will see three Bob concerts: Göteborg, Oslo and Horsens!
On Saturday 20th at 2000 I will be at Two Dogs Pub, Brugata 5, Oslo and give a talk about Expecting Rain.

Wednesday, May 10:
Tuesday's Oberhausen setlist and reviews.
Med våren kommer Dylan - (Aftenposten) (link found by Geir Olsen)
Coeds for Pat Buchanan! - (Salon) (link found by Chris Elliott)
Metallica, how could you? - (Salon) (link found by Chris Elliott)
Autobahn 61 Revisited - "will be back in September for an appearance at the Albert Hall" (Times) (link found by Paul Stevens)
In Your Dreams, London art exhibit includes David Reisman (remember his Dylan Dreams?)
The reeducation of Lauryn Hill (some great quotes from Daniel Lanois & Al Kooper re Bob & the composing/production process in general) (Salon) (link found by Chuck Koch)
Aus den Papieren eines Wandermusikers - (Neue Zürcher Zeitung) (link found by Stephan Teuwissen)

Tuesday, May 9:
VH1 just said that Dylan may be interviewed by Rob Thomas of "matchbox 20" on their pre-show. It starts at 6pm eastern time in the US. (from Mark Rothfuss, I think today? - maybe not)
'N Sync, Dylan To Make HBO Specials The special is said to include Dylan music, both new and classic material, and comedy. - (Yahoo)

Monday, May 8:
Monday's Stuttgart setlist.
Desperate Man Blues - a story about record collecting. (Link found by Billy Levesque)
Bob has signed a deal with HBO to star in a one-hour special developed specifically for him by writer-producer Larry Charles (Seinfeld). More at Entertainment Weekly and Ultimate TV. (Links from Dag Braathen, Carter Lewis and John Gregan)

Sunday, May 7:
Saturday's Zürich setlist.
"Lysande Dylan!" - (Expressen) (Swedish, review of Zürich concert) (link found by Patrik Winquist)
Another Swedish review: Bob Dylan är lysande – ibland - (Aftonbladet) (link found by Patrik Winquist)
"Jag är glad om jag blir 35" Hank Williams III: "I'll be happy if I live to be 35" - (Dagens Nyheter, Swedish)

Correction: The listing I gave for the Comedy Central show with the Dylan/Guthrie parody should have been: MONDAY 08-May-00 2:00am EST. It will be repeated: Early Morning, Monday, May 8 3:00AM EST - Monday, May 8 1:00PM EST - Monday, May 8 6:00PM EST - Early Morning, Tuesday, May 9 12:00AM EST - Early Morning, Tuesday May 9 2:00AM EST

Saturday, May 6:
Swedish newspaper Expressen says a new Dylan album will be released this September/October. (Mattias Davidsson read it)
Il vescovo 'benedice' Dylan (The Bishop "blesses" Dylan) - (Gazzetta di Modena) (link found by Antonio G)
Bob Dylan es un "serio candidato" a ganar el Nobel - Lars Forsell, Swedish Academy member expressed this view in the Swedish Dylan television programme aired this weekend. (Clarin, Buenos Aires) (link found by johanna's visions)
Nomination letters here.
In Horsens, Denmark, May 16: A Dylan lecture by Niels Andersen, plus "Don't Look Back" showing. Reservations: 7625 9999.

Peter Stone Brown May-June shows in Pennsylvania.

Win Dylan Tickets - (Sony Music Sweden) (link found by Dag)

"Oh, the humanity! " - On this day in 1937 the Hindenburg airship burst into flames and killed 36 people. (NY Times)

Listen to Gene Vincent on "Gene Vincent Rocks & The Bluecaps Roll" - ain't that a thin wild mercury rockabilly sound? Full Gene Vincent list at

Comedy Central will air a Saturday Night Live program from 1980 that has the following skit: Bob Dylan (played by cast member-Patrick Weathers?) & ailing Woody Guthrie (played by host-David Carradine) converse via song lyrics. It will air: Su 07-May-00 2:00am EST (item from George Spanos)

Friday, May 5:
Kandidat für den Literaturnobelpreis? - (Spiegel) (link found by Jürgen Kloss)
Dylan Spring 2000 tour photos - (Bill Clinton - Vast Bubba Cons)
Bob Dylan, ein Freund von uns allen - (Tages Anzeiger) (link found by Roger Guthardt)
Il caso-Dylan in parlamento "Ministro, blocca il concerto" A senator says "No" to the concert in front of the cathedral, very ancient church. The case will be discussed in the Italian parliament. - (Gazetta di Modena) (link found by "zan")
Bob Dylan "Think Different" poster: $169.95 "One of the hardest posters to find!"
Kilpailut: Bob Dylan-kisa - (Competition, click link) (Sony Music Finland) (link found by Jarmo Palokallio)
Dylan Rocks Salina by Laurie.

Thursday, May 4:
Dylan had studio time booked this week, hope it turns out to be his next masterpiece! Now welcome to Europe!
Dylan a Cagliari, caccia ai biglietti - How to buy tickets for Cagliari (L'Unione Sarda) (link from Gianni)
Swedish TV1 tonight at 2200-2230: Polar Music Prize: Bob Dylan Swedish 30 minute TV special in Dylan's footsteps, from Hibbing via the breakthrough in Greenwich Village to the Polar Music Prize. To be broadcast May 4, 5 & 6 in Sweden. - (Sony Sweden) (link found by Anders Geijer, Dag Braathen, Jörgen Lindström)
mp3s of Pittsburgh Nov 5 1999 by FTP from:
Should Bob Dylan get the Nobel Prize for Literature? (Aftonbladet) (Swedish) (link from Jan Semneby)
Visit Olof Björner's Still On The Road Index pages!
"I Love You" email virus sacks computers - (cnet) (Macs don't worry.)

Wednesday, May 3:
Hutlöst dyrt att se Bob Dylan (SEK 5000/ $560 paid for Horsens tickets) - (Expressen) (link found by Micke Westberg)
Neil Young's "Silver and Gold" on DVD from
mp3s from Sun Theatre, Anaheim, March 10, 2000
White Rock's latest sensation (Jason MItchell) - (Ottawa Citizen)
Chan Marshall's latest album is a collection of other people's songs, but it still smells like Cat Power - (Dallas Observer)
Two Emmylou Harris CDs reissued: From Cimarron and Last Date (noted by Dag E Braathen)

Tuesday, May 2:
Richard Shindell: A Shaker-Style Voice, With Songs to Match (with Larry Campbell) - (NY Times) (link found by Jack Regan)
Dylan meeting at Two Dogs Pub, Brugata 5, Oslo, 20.05.2000 kl.20.00.
Pictures from last year's meeting (Land of the Midnight Sun)
"The Book of Fathers' Wisdom : Paternal Advice from Moses to Bob Dylan" from
Hot Burritos: The Flying Burrito Brothers Anthology 1969-1972, from contains "To Ramona".

Monday, May 1:
Levon at the helm - (Arkansas online) (link found by Jack Regan)
Papal Mass will genuflect to rock concert (Lou Reed, Alanis Morissette) - (
Screamin' Jay Hawkins' kids sought (
A Viking Chapter in American History - (ABC News) (NDC)
Pass Me Not, O Gentle Saviour / Rock Of Ages / etc - (National Library of Canada - The Virtual Gramophone) (link found by Dag E Braathen)
"It's Not a House, It's a Home" Page by Daniel Martin.
Gates loses "richest man" title - (MacCentral) (NDC)
Listen to "Little Things In Life" RealAudio sample from Green On Red: Scapegoats

"Get a Shot of Rhythm and Blues: The Arthur Alexander Story" by Richard Younger. The first book-length biography of the soul/country singer whose songs have been recorded by the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan.
(May) From - -

Listen to "The Ultimate Arthur Alexander" from - (RealAudio).
His CD "The Greatest" with review by John Bauldie. .
Lonely Just Like Me
contains "Sally Sue Brown", covered by Dylan on Down in The Groove

Sunday, April 30:
Ex-Band member brings own style of blues to Huntsville - (Huntsville Times) (link found by Jack Regan)
'They're Playing Our Song' starring Teresa Williams - (KnoxNews) (link found by Jack Regan)
Vietnam fueled pop protest songs - (Bergen Record) (link found by Joy Munsey)
Political documentary "Life Under Mike" has Dylan track - (Jam!) (link found by Joy Munsey)
Youse Can Call Me Zimmy - (Australian Tribute Album) (In Music & Media) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Doesn't Anybody Know How To Be a Fugitive Anymore? Convicted in 1970 for antiwar activity, Howard Mechanic spent 30 years in hiding as one Gary Tredway. Then Tredway ran for the City Council in Scottsdale, Ariz. Not a smart move. - (NY Times)
Who were the Weathermen?

Saturday, April 29:
Crow, Earle duet on '60s hit (Abbie Hoffman "Steal This Movie") - (jam!) (link found by Jack Regan)
'High Fidelity' echoes the fan experience - (Bergen Record) (link found by Jack Regan)
Shelby Shuts Up Critics Country singer's `Mother' captures the Bimbo's crowd - (SF Gate)
Man Ray Trust Official Site (NDC)
Norway's fiords among 7 wonders - (Chicago Tribune Magazine) (NDC)

Friday, April 28:
Dick's Picks Volume 17 (Grateful Dead CD with two Dylan songs) - ( (link found by drp)
Music goes upscale (Ticket prices) - (Boston Globe) (link found by William Robertson, Jr.)

Thursday, April 27:
A new Deep Beneath the Waves review of "I Was So Much Younger Then", a 4 CD box set.
Special Swedish 2 CD Best of Bob Dylan Vol 2 to be released (info from Jim Bauman)
Johnny Cash Back In Action With New Album, Boxed Set - (Billboard) (link found by Rico Cass)
Back to the well-springs of beauty and creation - Book: James Mulligan's debut novel The Angel of Laodicea. Available from
Dylan to play Toronto - (Canoe) (link found by Joy Munsey and Bobby Fay)
Document Records has Vintage & Contemporary Blues etc etc. (Link from Jürgen Kloss)
"Making People's Music : Moe Asch and Folkways Records" is a book now available from - and
Agent EB's Bob Dylan Page contains his reviews of Dylan's official albums.

Wednesday, April 26:
Neil 24 hour Film Festival.
The Bridge Spring issue is out now.
Who Were We in Vietnam? - (NY Times) (link found by Barry Klatzkin)
US TV: Steely Dan on VH1 Storytellers Wed 4/26 at 12pm/11c, Thu 4/27 at 12pm/11c, Sun 4/30 at 5pm/4c (noted by jester on the sidelines)
Daniel Kramer exhibit (photos of Dylan) in Amsterdam, Holland, May 20 to June 10.

Tuesday, April 25:
Not unexpectedly, the remasters of "Blood on the Tracks" and "The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan" have disppeared from the Sony legacy page. (They were listed for May 9th.) (Noted by Nick Spenceley)
Dyer-Bennett No. 1 CD by Richard Dyer-Bennett, who also recorded "Spanish is the Loving Tongue".
Maverick Beck circles '70s with 'Vultures' album - (Rocky Mountain News) (link found by Brandon Zwagerman)

Monday, April 24:
A new BDX: Mystery Zim-Art # 105.
If You Think Twice, It's Not All Right John Corigliano's use of Bob Dylan lyrics in 'Tambourine Man' miss the point. - (LA Times)
Mom Domingo Gets It Wrong (Halfway down the page.) A parcel of Bob Dylan lyrics newly set to the typically shiny, slick, faceless music of John Corigliano? - (LA Weekly)
'60s witnessed the birth of the pop protest song - (PioneerPlanet) (link found by Joy Munsey)
Finding the Groove - Susan Tedeschi - (Alabama Live) (link found by Jack Regan)

Sunday, April 23:
Rock of Ages The VH-1 relaxed-fit generation. - (NY Times)
New Neil Young album out April 25th: Silver and Gold, from
Neil Young official website brings the Shakey Film Festival on Tuesday 25 at 1200 PST.
Polar Music Prize: Bob Dylan Swedish 30 minute TV special in Dylan's footsteps, from Hibbing via the breakthrough in Greenwich Village to the Polar Music Prize. To be broadcast May 4, 5 & 6 in Sweden. - (Sony Sweden) (link found by Anders Geijer, Dag Braathen, Jörgen Lindström)
Between Rock and a Hard Drive Real Networks founder Rob Glaser - (NY Times)

Saturday, April 22:
The Bob Dylan Starting Point by Eric Schoneveld - nice front page!

Friday, April 21:
On being apoet in the year 2000 - (MSNBC) (link found by Adam Hindman)
Dylan al molo Ichnusa - Conferma ufficiale: a Cagliari il 2 giugno (Official confirmation: Cagliari June 2) - (L'Unione Sarda) (link found by gianni)
Gordon Lightfoot tapes first U.S. TV special - (NDC) (Jam!) (link found by Bobby Fay)

Thursday, April 20:
July dates announced! See above.
Genetics Offers Denouement to Mystery of Prince's Death - (NY Times) (NDC)
After the Tourists Leave, Sun Studios Rocks Into the Night - (NY Times) (NDC)

Wednesday, April 19:
Dylan/Lesh mail order tickets - (GDTS)
Furthurmore With Jorma Kaukonen (Part I) - (jambands) (link found by Christophe Greenman)
Swap MP3s, go to jail? - (CNN) Virtual patrol car will look for Napsters.

Tuesday, April 18:
June tour dates with Phil Lesh announced - ( (link found by Dana Hanson)
Napsterizing. How free music will change the planet - (SF Gate)

Monday, April 17:
Remastered "Blood on the Tracks" and The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan due to be released May 9th (Sony Legacy)
Italian dates! - Front door with Shockwave - (Link from Michele)

C.P. Lee, author of "Like a Bullet of Light: The Films of Bob Dylan" will give a talk at Helter Skelter bookstore in London on Thursday April 20.
Give a listen to Clayton Denwood's "Runaway Train", a "slowly driving locomotive blues" - (mp3 and RealAudio)
Desolation Row: The Expressionist Dylan (.pdf - requires Acrobat reader)
Koerner, Ray and Glover: The Roots of the Minneapolis Sound - (Jenny Curtis) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Sony Download Plan Leaves Some Scratching Heads - (SonicNet)
Folkways Revisits Broadside Songs, five-CD box set Aug 22. - (SonicNet)
Billy Bragg, Wilco Releasing 'Weirder' Set Of Guthrie Tunes, Mermaid Avenue Vol. II due May 30 - (SonicNet)
Photographs and Postcards of Lynching in America - "Postcards of the hanging" - (Requires Flash) (link found by Phil Aldridge)
John Lennon Documentary - GIMME SOME TRUTH premieres on BRAVO channel 10:pm EDT (from Mike Capasse)

Sunday, April 16:
Possible late June concert date at Alpine Valley in East Troy, Wisconsin (Dylan + Phil Lesh).
Folk star Ramblin' Jack Elliott has the words and the tunes - (Union-Tribune)
Freewheelin' - has updated Tape News.

Saturday, April 15:
Patti Smith back in top form with a little help from s - (Seattle P-I com)
Before k.d. lang, before Jewel, there were two girls with guitars - (Indigo Girls) (U-wire)

Friday, April 14:
Napster doesn't worry all artists - Smashing Pumpkins member uses Dylan as example, hmmmm (The Star)
Celebrity investors allegedly ripped off - (NY Post)
(Why did Paul Brady do a Dylan?) - (Irish Times) - Who's Who entry.
Nina Simone sings "Just Like A Woman" - (UOL Música, Brazil) (RealAudio) (link from Fernando Baião Viotti)
Manchester-based cop series "City Central" on BBC1 Saturday 15 at 8.05 p.m. has storyline about mayhem with three Bob Dylan impersonators at the Manchester Dylan festival!

Thursday, April 13:
Five years ago, Ed Lewandowski posted his American Pie article. Still interesting.
Lofoten Art on the Internet (North Norwegian art) - Check this out Bob, then maybe come and visit!
Toronto, Maple Leaf Gardens 10/29/98 - (Edwin Yee) (excellent concert review)
Movie Review: High Fidelity - (Evansville Courier & Press)
John Lennon's "Imagine" has been remastered:

Wednesday, April 12:
Radio Woodstock Rick Danko tribute (RealAudio) (link found at The Band site) Ten for a desert island - (Daily Californian at Excite)
NY Times: "Crazy" by Benjamin Lebert in German from, and in English from

Tuesday, April 11:
An oldie on this site: Josh Nelson's "review to end all reviews" - 951006 Jacksonville, Fl (last one on the page)
Lord of the Rings preview - (QuickTime 4 streaming)
European "Things Have Changed" single May 2 - (Sony Music Norway) (link found by Geir Olsen from The Land of the Midnight Sun)
Deep Beneath The Waves 82.
Sony to Sell Digital Downloads - (Fox News)
It's Dylan by Way of Corigliano, McNair - (LA Times) (link found by Kris K)

Monday, April 10:
Dylan plays Lund May 13, tickets on sale Wednesday +46 280 45 45 - (see Kalendarium) (link found by Micke Westberg)
Bob Dylan ger extrakonsert i Lund - (Aftonbladet) (link found by Patrik Winquist)
Concert pictures from The Idaho Center, Nampa - (
Md. Bill Restricts Cigarette Vending "I guess it was [Bob] Dylan who said it best: 'You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.' - (Washington Post) (link found by Ellisiv)
Hole: It's All Over Now Baby Blue - (mp3, follow Audio link) (link found by Dennis Cleary)

Sunday, April 9:
Dylan marks tour finale with lackluster show (Daily Camera) (link from Brandon Zwagerman)
Yearbook Season (Globe and Mail) (link from Arthur Louie)
Hurricane rings in boxing's return (National Post) (link from Arthur Louie)

Saturday, April 8:
For Dylan, times are a-lingering (Denver Post) (Link found by Brandon Zwagerman)
Dylan's day has arrived (Denver Post) (Link found by Brandon Zwagerman)
Tour Diary #4: Asleep At The Wheel Illin' With Dylan (Sonicnet) (Link found by Kris K)
"High Fidelity" review (Salon Sharps & Flats) (Link from the Lymans)
Sony to Unveil Plan for Digital Music Distribution
Dylan show starts with whimper, ends in bang (RockyMountainNews) (Link found by Brandon Zwagerman)

Friday, April 7:
Last night's Denver setlist
Dylan run-in leaves writer speechless (Daily Nebraskan) (link from Scott Bauer)

Thursday, April 6:
Last night's Salina setlist
Review: Bob Dylan Pleases Boomers - ( (link found by Brandon Zwagerman, Jim Langdon and Nelson French)
Speaking the unspeakable - (Colorado Daily) (link found by Brandon Zwagerman)

Wednesday, April 5:
Yes, Phil Lesh and Bob Dylan will do local shows this summer. No dates yet... - (Mercury Center) (link found by Bobby Fay)
Last night's Omaha setlist
There will be a 2 CD Best Of Bob Dylan release in Europe on May 8th. Bob Dylan: The Best of Bob Dylan vol. 2 - 08.05.00 - (Sony Norway) (tip from Petter Myhr)
Sought-After Dylan Rarity Sees Light Of Day - (Music 365) (link found by Jim)
A Wild Ride for ComputerUser - (ComputerUser)
Ben Stein: Diary - (msn)

Tuesday, April 4:
"Don't Look Back" will be playing at the Huntington Museum of Art in Huntington, WV free of charge tonight, April 4th beginning at 7 pm. (news from Matt Drummond)
Last night's Cedar Rapids setlist
Field Recordings Guide updated and improved.
New pictures at the Larry Campbell web site.
Dylan thrills C.R. crowd - (Iowa Alive) (link found by Alex Leik)
History In Song - (link found by Charles W. Prince)
This Machine Kills Preconceptions - (by Dave Marsh) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Rowland Scherman - (photographer of Dylan's Greatest Hits album cover) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Dylan soars with timeless music - (Argus Leader) (link found by Nelson French)

Monday, April 3:
Dylan ticket celebration - (Horsens Folkeblad, Danish) (link found by Flemming Madsen)
Bob Dylan plays The Five on Monday - (Iowa Alive) (link found by Sean McArdle) BR> Tour Diary #3: Asleep At The Wheel Ride On With Dylan - (sonicnet) (link found by Kris K)

Sunday, April 2:
Last night's Sioux Falls setlist
Troubadour Dylan, and beat, go on - (Denver Post)
Music world chasing Guthrie's shadow - (Boston Globe) Howdi Do children's book out this month.
E il vento ci porterà Bob Dylan - Cagliari arena not settled upon yet. (La Nuova Sardegna) (link found by gianni)
Faithful to 'High Fidelity' - (NY Times)
Mrs. Actually's Beauty Parlor has interesting sounds for your ear - (link found by Dag E Braathen)
TEMA: Bob Dylan - ( (link found by Flemming Madsen)

Miles Davis / John Coltrane: Complete Columbia Recordings 6 CD set out April 11.

Saturday, April 1:
June 2 Cagliari, Sardinia date confirmed (link from gianni)
Last night's Rochester setlist
Relaxed, revitalized, renewed - (post bulletin) (link found by Nelson French)
Bob Dylan - Elävä Legenda - (Lippupalvelu, Finnish)
Horsens Ny Teater - Now the people have been satisfied and the tickets have been sold.
I would've followed you in the door but I don't have a ticket stub.
Masser af kærlige hilsener til jer alle (Dylan ticket line followed the world over) (Heike mentioned as a he) - (Horsens Folkeblad)
Udsolgt til Bob Dylan i Horsens (Sold out)- (Politiken)
The French, they are toast AOL Time Warner adds pretentious mid-size Euro nation to its portfolio - (Salon)
Hits & Misses Crossover Pop Stars Take Flight -- And Fizzle -- In Movies - (Chicago Tribune)
Steve Earle SXSW Keynote Address - (Steve Earle net) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
'High Fidelity': The Trivially Hip: A Music Geek's Warped Love Life - (NY Times)
Cusack, in tune with his movies - (USA Today)

Friday, March 31:
Gore, Bush, Dylan, Everly Brothers Converge In New Hampshire - (sonicnet) (link found by Kris K)
Last night's Fargo setlist
Dylan concert makes for memorable evening - (In-Forum) (link found by Mike Walter)
Horsens Ny Teater in Denmark now has a ticket line Webcam.
I kø som nr. 125 - (Horsens Folkeblad) (more Dylan stories links on the right)
Fünf Tage warten auf Bob Dylan - (Spiegel) (link found by Hans Juckel)
Another side of Altan - (Boston Globe)
Gritty voices make 'best' list - (

Thursday, March 30:
Last night's Bismark setlist
Tour Diary #2: Asleep At The Wheel Still Riding With Dylan - (sonicnet) (link found by Kris K)
Listen to a live Roger McGuinn concert (RealAudio) (
Jefferson Airplane guitarist comes in from Wonderland - (Globe and Mail) (link found by Arthur Louie)
"Things Have Changed" cover version by Michel Montecrossa and The Chosen Few - (
The Pope's musical tour - (BBC) (link found by Charles Prince)
Bob Dylan Critical Corner has two new articles: '"Up To Me" and Free Will', by Nicola Menicacci

HIGH FIDELITY NEWS: Quirky John Cusack embraces the eccentric -- again - (Ottawa Citizen)
Cusack gives High Fidelity a beautiful groove - (Jam! showbiz)
'High Fidelity' is a romantic comedy for the record-obsessed - (Post-Gazette)
High Fidelity Is Record Geek's Fantasy - (FoxNews)
The movie based on Nick Hornby's book High Fidelity includes Bob Dylan's "Most of the Time" on the soundtrack, which can be ordered from

Wednesday, March 29:
Tour Diary #1: Asleep At The Wheel Hug The Road With Bob Dylan - (sonicnet)
The boys in Bob Dylan's band driving to their next gig in Charlie Sexton's 1949 "thin wild" Mercury! - (Joy's Larry Campbell tour page) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
An Interview with Joni Mitchell - ( (link found by Sean McArdle)
CONCERT REVIEW: Bob Dylan in Montana - (Montana kaimin)

Tuesday, March 28:
Last night's Rapid City setlist
Dylan Doesn'T Dress Up 'Mr. Tambourine Man' A Mismatch For Artistry Of McNair - (Chicago Tribune) (link found by Bernard J. Farber)

Monday, March 27:
Bob Dylan Fan Begins Five-Day Concert Ticket Vigil - (Yahoo/ Reuters)
Last night's Casper setlist
Call it a perk, a privilege or just `honest graft' - (SJ Mercury)
Decrepitude? No, but old nonetheless - (Beacon Journal)
Dinner and Drink With Al - (Washington Post) (link found by Jack Regan)
" The Band's The Last Waltz" with Dylan from 1978, "The studio is currently not producing this title on DVD" at, but you can vote for its release. (found by Dag E Braathen)

Sunday, March 26:
Last night's Billings setlist.
Dylan fans show up early to see 'legend' in concert - (Billings Gazette) (link found by Paul)
Dylan meets, exceeds expectations - (Billings Gazette)

Saturday, March 25: offers six great new Dylan performances from E. Rutherford, NJ, 11/13/99 in RealAudio.
Skeptisk teaterchef Troede ikke på Dylan - 100 tickets for sponsors, 75 for paying press, 250 for the people who line up. (Horsens Folkeblad) (link found by Mette Larsen)
Last night's Bozeman setlist
Bob Dylan concert a hit with parents, kids alike - (Bozeman Daily Chronicle) (link found by Dag E Braathen)
Joan Baez: Still So Earnest After All These Years - (NY Times)

Friday, March 24:
I have had reports that my page has become slow to load lately. I have removed the "TheCounter" code. Should load faster now.
Now released: Oddvar Torsheim's Dylan covers CD with mp3 samples - (Tylden Records, Norwegian)
Bozeman fans can hardly wait for Dylan to take the stage - (newswest) (link found by Brandon Zwagerman)
Sharps & Flats - Cat Power - (Salon) (link found by Dane Strom)
Cat Power's "Covers Record" includes "Paths of Victory".
Artists to Napster: Drop dead! - (Salon)
Whose Bob Dylan? - (David Vest)

Thursday, March 23:
Last night's Missoula setlist
The New England Film and Video Festival shows "Look Back, Don't Look Back" April 1st at the Museum of Fine Arts March in Boston. (Boston Phoenix)
The Either/Orchestra comes of age - (Boston Phoenix)

Wednesday, March 22:
Dear Mr. Dylan - (Missoula Independent) (link found by Brandon Zwagerman)
Patti Smith explodes on "Gung Ho" - (Salon) (NDC)

Wednesday, March 22:
Horsens Ny Teater has a bit of info in English about the upcoming Bob concert, and they will set up a web cam in a few days so we can watch the line of ticket buyers forming (at this webmaster's suggestion, ahem).
Last night's Pullman setlist (18 songs).
Change has defined musician for most of his life - (Missoulian) (link found by Alex Leik)

Tuesday, March 21:
"Goin' Around. Bob Dylan's 1989 Concerts" is available, more info from The Bridge.
"The Crow: Salvation" soundtrack out March 28, 2000 includes "It's All Over Now Baby Blue" by Hole. From
Last night's Nampa setlist.
Bob Dylan för stor för Globen? - So many people wanted Dylan tickets that the ticket system broke down. (Aftonbladet, Swedish) (link found by Patrik Winquist)

Monday, March 20:
Classic Dylan fills the dome - (Idaho State Journal) (link found by Alex Leik)
Where Is Desolation Row? - Greil Marcus - (Threepenny Review)
Knockin' on Idaho's door - Dylan concert draws fans of all ages - (Idaho News) (link found by Brandon Zwagerman)
Robbie sued over song lyrics - (NME) (link found by Sean McArdle)
Wainwright sues Robbie for plagiarism - (Qonline) (link found by Sean McArdle)
Last night's Pocatello setlist.
Things Have Changed official lyrics - (

Sunday, March 19:
Bob Dylan til Horsens - (BT, Danish)
Dylan-koncert i Horsens i maj - The Horsens Theatre found 75 ticket requests in their e-mail box Friday morning. (Politiken, Danish)
In Curent Films on Tibet, Hold the Shangri-La - (NY Times)
The Cowboy Couturier - (NY Times)

"Albert Grossman like a feudal lord/ Hated feared respected and adored/ Ran his restaurant with a steady hand/ He who managed Dylan and The Band/ Sometimes in the twilight I would see/ Albert smiling most inscrutably" This is an example of what you can find in the BARF list , a list of Bob Dylan mentions in non-Bob-Dylan songs.

Confirmed European Dylan Dates at
Best of Don McLean contains the REAL American Pie, from
Tangled Up in Blue - (Idaho State Journal)

Saturday, March 18:
Masters of Snore by Rich Kane - (Orange County Weekly)
A Certain Tambourine Man Aloft in the Classical Wind - (NY Times) (link found by Stuart Levitan)
A Song from Ireland from the Bard of Armagh - (New York Observer) (link found by William Robertson, Jr.)
Springsteen To Big Screen For 'High Fidelity' - (Billboard)
Isler of Wight Rock CD Vaguely Sunny
Bob Dylan to Horsens - (Horsens Folkeblad, Danish)
Picture of my car and my son John among the snow.
Both last night's Reno setlists, and great reviews from the night before.
The movie based on Nick Hornby's book High Fidelity includes Bob Dylan's "Most of the Time" on the soundtrack, which can be ordered from Out March 28.
Morning becomes eclectic John Cusack talks about "High Fidelity", and about how much he likes Bob Dylan. (KCRV) (RealAudio) (Links from Carla)
Three new UNofficial CD titles have got their T-numbers at the end of the T-list.
Wild Tchoupitoulas - a most excellent album from New Orleans, produced by Allen Toussaint in 1976, with four Nevilles and others. Listen to the samples!
Peter Stone Brown, and Andy Scheinman play Saturday, March 18th, 8:30 pm at SUN Music Company, 340 East 71st Street, New York, NY (between 1st and 2nd Avenue), Phone 212 396-9521
Peter's CD: Up Against It

Friday, March 17:
Last night's Santa Cruz setlist.
Bob Dylan Concert Review (Wed) - (Santa Cruz Sentinel) (link found by Glynne Davis)
Greenwich on my mind - (The Globe and Mail) (link found by Arthur Louie)
Stroke - official cause of Danko's death - (Jam) (link found by Dag Braathen)

Thursday, March 16:
European dates confirmed, see above!
Bob Dylan has been nominated for this year's Nobel Prize in Literature (just like so many times before).
Dylan klar for Oslo - (VG, Norwegian) (link found by Dag E Braathen)
Oslo Spektrum - (link found by Dag E Braathen)
Came a lonesome wail - (Irish Times)
Last night's Santa Cruz setlist.
In Search of the Great American Poet - ( ("Look Back, Don't Look Back," a mockumentary) (link found by jay blanchard)
"Bill Clinton -- Vast Bubba Cons" (parody of "Bob Dylan -- At Budokan") - (Free Speech Records) (link found by Dave Plentus)
Classical Dylan? - (Sylvia McNair at Carnegie Hall) (Ellen Friedenberg)

Wednesday, March 15:
My house two weeks ago.
Last night's Visalia setlist.
Joan Baez reels in the years with folk gems, messages in between - (Michigan Live) (link found by Brandon Zwagerman)
Roger McGuinn's Guitars.
Dylan kommer troligen till Sverige - (Expressen, Swedish)
Två Dylan-konserter i Sverige - (Dagens Nyheter, Swedish)
Bob Dylan till Sverige - (Aftonbladet, Swedish)
Två Dylan-konserter i Sverige - (Svenska Dagbladet)
Bob Dylan til Norge - (Nettavisen, Norwegian)
Swedish Concert Info - (EMA Telstar)
(links found by Jan Semneby, Micke Westberg, Bernt Håkansson, Anders Fajersson, Sven Erick Alm, Dan Ove Nilsen, Dante, Niclas Carlsson, Per Kjöllerström and Dag E Braathen)

Tuesday, March 14:
April 6 Denver Colorado concert just added to the present tour. Tonight: Visalia.
Readers share their stories of Bob Dylan - (Santa Cruz County Sentinel)
Roger McGuinn concert in Orlando, FL - this Friday at the Cactus Cafe.
Bob Dylan Kicks Off Tour - (Wall of Sound) (link found by John Nieman)
Phil Lesh Celebrates 60th With Jam-Packed All-Star Show - (Yahoo! Music) (link found by Robby Princ)

Monday, March 13:
Last night's Bakersfield setlist, and a review of San Luis Obispo.
Hey, Mr. Tambourine Fan, Dylan plays his songs for you - ( (link found by Dag E. Braathen)
Dylan Keeps a-Changin' With Times - (LA Times)

Sunday, March 12:
Highlands is one subject of Thomas Erle's relaunched site.
Rock's First Poet - (TheTribuneNews) (link found by Arthur Louie)
Last night's San Luis Obispo setlist.
Dylan to a Different Tune - (NY Times, registration required) (link found by Arthur Louie)
Sylvia McNair will perform the World Premiere of John Corigliano's 'Tambourine Man: Seven Poems of Bob Dylan' at Carnegie Hall, New York, on Wednesday, 15 March 2000 at 7:30 pm. (link found by Andrew F Wilson)
Singing a symphony - (Bergen Record) (link found by Joy)

Saturday, March 11:
The two setlists of last night's shows - with the first live performances of three songs!
More Hot Air From The Hurricane - (Frontpage Magazine)
Grammys - on Norwegian NRK2 TV tonight at 2010.
Sausalito Sojourn - (SF Downtown) (mentions Dylan parties at the Trident in the Seventies)
Dino Valente - (Ben Fong-Torres)
Charles Plymell - first to play Dylan for Allen Ginsberg.
Don't Think Twice, He's All Right - (LA Times, registration required)

Friday, March 10:
Dylan to Langesund, Norway? The greatest event since Henrik Ibsen was born there! Larry Campbell has been in Langesund before. Varden - Telemarksavisa (Norwegian) - (links found by Dag E Braathen)
Sun Theatre interior - See where Bob plays his first concert of the new century tonight!
Bob Dylan Sets Dates For West Coast Tour - (MTV)

Philadelphia: Don't forget Peter Stone Brown's concert tonight!
Peter Stone Brown, regular and knowledgeable contributor to, the newsgroup, has concerts thiw week and the next together with Andy Scheinman, with whom he shares some musical influences:
Friday, March 10th, 9:30 pm - 1:30 am at Goat Hollow Tavern, 300 W. Mt. Pleasant Avenue, (Mt. Pleasant & Lincoln Drive), West Mt Airy, Philadelphia, Phone 215 242-4710
Saturday, March 18th, 8:30 pm at SUN Music Company, 340 East 71st Street, New York, NY (between 1st and 2nd Avenue), Phone 212 396-9521
Peter's CD: Up Against It
Debating the Top 15 Cuts 'High Fidelity' Fans Can Live With - (LA Times, registration required, access to this article is free for a couple more days)
Thinking Different - (The Onion, a satirical newspaper)
Warren Zevon deconstructs Elvis - (jam!) (link found by Bobby Fay)

Thursday, March 9:
There is a report of a planned Dylan concert in Berlin Arena on May 23. (from Helmut Heimann)
German dates announced (link found by Carsten Wohlfeld).

Wednesday, March 8:
Bob Dylan's Don't Look Back climbs one position to No. 8 on this week's Billboard's Top Video Sales Chart.
VHS and DVD available from
Small Face Ian McLagan Interview - (music365) (link found by Tiernan Henry)
Musical Ballots - (Washington Post) (link found by Charles Beene)
Bob Dylan's Critical Corner with new essay "Bob Dylan's Political World."

Tuesday, March 7:
Wonder Boys Soundtrack review - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Scott Hakes)

Monday, March 6:
Salinas show announced, see above.
Dylan In the Movies: An Interview With D.A. Pennebaker - ( (link found by MikeRaygun)
How Does It Feel? For Now, Dylan's Religion Is a Complete Unknown - (LA Times) (link found by jregan)
Four Byrds albums remastered on CD with unissued tracks, available individually or as a box set, called "The Columbia Recordings: 12 Dimensions" (Sony) from - -

Sunday, March 5:
"You Can't Relive the Past" from Eric Andersen, called "a great ballad writer" by Bob Dylan. From
Cat Power Tackles Eclectic Covers Set - (Billboard) - Covers Record out March 21, includes "Paths of Victory". Samples of all the tracks at CDNow. (link found by Tim)
The Artist in the Gray Flannel Pajamas - (NY Times)
The Art Of Dennis P. McCann includes painting of Bob Dylan (PaperDragon Studios) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Alan Price plays Sheffield UK, tells a few Bob stories, this Sunday 5th Mar Sheffield City Hall, tickets £12.50 tel 0114 2789789 (link found by Stuart Basford)

Saturday, March 4:
Lay Lady Lay by Isaac Hayes - (Streambox, for Windows Media Player) (link found by Dag E Braathen)

Thursday, March 2:
Van Morrison interview - (Hot Press) (link found by Derek Keogh)

Gordon Lightfoot: 8 p.m. Thursday. John Harms Center, 30 N. Van Brunt St., Englewood. $30, $36, $43. (201) 567-3600. (Bergen Record)

Dylan enthusiasts in the Toronto area might be interested in a presentation sponsored by the University of Toronto English Department on Thursday March 2 at 4:00. Andy Wainwright, a well known poet and novelist who teaches in the English Department at Dalhousie University in Halifax will be giving a presentation called "'Long Before the Stars Were Torn Down': Dylan, Canada and America's Sixties." It will be held in Emmanuel College 001 (75 Queen's Park Crescent--at the Museum subway station). (David Galbraith)

Wednesday, March 1:
Two shows in Anaheim added to the coming tour, see above.
The Wallflowers Network opens today.

Tuesday, February 29:
Two new concert dates confirmed: San Luis Obispo and Sioux Falls, see above.

Monday, February 28:
Billboard's Top Video Sales Chart lists Bob Dylan's Don't Look Back at No. 9 this week!
Here's a reason to visit Dylan's Vérité Documentary (link found by Shaun M. McDonald)

Jimmy LaFave's CD "Trail" contains twelve Dylan covers and can be ordered from (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Sunday, February 27:
If You See Him Say Hello - Encounters with Bob Dylan - Excerpt about the 1975 live performance of "Abandoned Love".
All Bob Dylan All The Time mp3 Internet Radio. Search for "Bob Dylan". Requires mp3 player capable of streaming mp3. For Mac I recommend SoundJam.
Grammy clip (RealVideo) - (Skid-Row TV Talkin')
"Hurricane": Tragödie des schwarzen Boxers mit Denzel Washington - (Stern) (link found by Thomas Erle)
Wonder Boys movie review - (Mr. Showbiz) (link found by Otto Thompson)

Saturday, February 26:
Brielle men recall fight to free Hurricane Carter - (The Coast Star) (link found by Alan Robock)

Friday, February 25:
Freewheelin' now has Freewheeler of the Month; one article from each issue is available on the Web.
Wonder Boys review - (Salon)
Burroughs' last tape - (Salon)
Soundtrack Review: Enlisting Pop's Wonder Boys - (Post-Gazette)

Thursday, February 24:
Carlos Santana was awarded eight (!) Grammies last night, and one of them was presented by Bob Dylan.
Carlos and Bob - (Reuters photo - Yahoo) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer and Otto Thompson)
Both smiling - (Reuters photo - Yahoo) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer and Joy)
Hey There - (TV snapshot by Randy)
Grammy photos

New CD out February 28th called "Another Sky" from the Irish group Altan contains "Girl From The North Country". From, and
Bob Dylan Man On The Road The Never Ending Tour 1988-1999 from (German)

Wednesday, February 23:
Bob Dylan and Lauryn Hill will present Grammy Album of the Year - (Wall Of Sound) (link found by Karen Green)
42 years at the grammys: THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY - (Calgary Herald)
Oddvar Torsheim - mp3 samples from new CD with Norwegian translations of Dylan songs.
(link found by Geir from the Land of the midnight sun)

Tuesday, February 22:
Bob Dylan to present award at tomorrow night's Grammy ceremony. (link found by Alex Leik, Jared Ishkanian)
Oh, the depths of despair we visit waiting for Dylan. - (Bergen Record) (link found by Joy)
Neil Young's first tapes found in basement - (National Post) (link found by Chris Skelton)
Ein annan stad (Teaching with Dylan) - (Boknett, Norwegian) (link found by Frode Molven)
BBC 1 are showing the Grammys this Saturday at 11:40pm. - (BBC Online) (link found by Derek Keogh)
Dylan pens song for Michael Douglas - (Q) (link found by Sean McArdle)
Boxergeschichte: "Hurricane" - Für ein Land, das Helden braucht - (Spiegel Online) (link found by Thomas Erle)

Monday, February 21:
Wallflowers Mix Modern, Traditional Sounds On Upcoming LP - (SonicNet) (link found by Nathan A Rey)
Gore courts minority votes - (Nando)
Timberwolves forward Kevin Garnett chartered Bob Dylan's plane - (NBA notes) (
On This Day in 1965 Malcolm X was killed - (NY Times)

Sunday, February 20:
Outo of sync Grammies - (National Post) (link found by Chris Skelton)
When dreams turn sour - (Irish Times) (link found by Joy)
The Assault of the Salonistas - (NY Times)
Pity the poor immigrant - (Salon)
Bob Dylan in "Pat Garret & Billy The Kid" on Channel 4 in the UK tonight at 10pm. Also Norwegian NRK2 Tuesday 22 at 2100.

Saturday, February 19:
EDLIS What did these "Bobby Folks" do in '92? Contest! - 21 questions.
Things Have Thanged download from Lycos. Windows Media Player required. (Found by Mattias Davidsson)
I get "Connection failed" with Windows Media Player 6.3 beta for the Mac.
Reintroducing America to a folk pioneer - (Christian Science Monitor) (link found by Thomas Erle)
The most valuable record on earth - (VH1 Rock Collectors at 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm ET Saturday) (link found by levnote)

Friday, February 18:
"Desolation Row" hotline reports that UK tour will not take place until "August at the earliest - but more likely Sept/Oct". More details of European (non-UK) tour of May/June in a couple of weeks.

Generation gap at the Grammys - (msnbc) (link found by Carlos Augusto Vidigal)
Trouble in Line. Folk troubadour Bob Dylan's two-night stop in Santa Cruz sells out in a hurry - (metroactive)
The Ballad of Ramblin' Jack - (Variety)
Olof's 1999 Chronicle "Jokerman" is now ready!!
Henry Rollins sagte Wien-Konzert ab - (= Boycotts Heider) (Der Standard) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
Grammys, Industry Out of Tune - (Daily Tar Heel) (link found by Chris Brown)
Mrs. Actually's Beauty Parlour - (RealAudio site) (link found by Cameron)

Thursday, February 17:
The Sad Dylan Fans 1, a new BDX by Mark Carter.
Trudell to speak in Hawaii - (Starbulletin) (link found by Joy)

Wednesday, February 16:
Michael Gray's Song & Dance Man III now available in the US from Review in German - (Jürgen Kloss)
Songwriter Unveils Hollywood Star (Carole Bayer Sager)
'Hurricane' Motivates a Real Critic - (NY Times) (link found by Stephen Walsh)

Tuesday, February 15:
Things Have Changed QuickTime excerpt - (Sony) (link found by Stephen Dunthorne and Marion Hitzenhammer)
The full video in RealVideo, and for Windows Media Player: { 28.8 | 56 | ISDN | T1 } (

Monday, February 14:
Columbia Set to 'Cash' in With Biopicture - (Variety) (link found by R. Hargis)

Sunday, February 13:
Lou Reed cancels Austrian gig - (BBC) (link found by don freeman)
'Wonder Boys': L.A. Noir or College Comedy, the Genre Is Real Life - (NY Times) (link found by Jack Regan)
Peanuts Creator Charles Schulz has died. Charlie Brown mourns Bob's 30th birthday, 1971 is #17 down the page.

Saturday, February 12:
The Man in Me - a new BDX by Michelle Burke
Dylan's 'Times Have Changed' One of 'Wonder' Highlights - (LA Times)
Web Sites Aim to Debunk Hurricane - (APB News) (link found by Joy)
Encounters With Bob Dylan: If You See Him Say Hello now also at
A Hurricane victim tells the story of being beaten by Carter - (Star-Ledger) (link found by Stephen Walter)
The Entertainment Tonight time given to the video "Things Have Changed" last night is reported to have been all of 7 seconds, in corner of screen, with voiceover.
Shelter From The Storm has picture of Dylan cover, click on it and hear a RealAudio clip.
Rowland Scherman photo show in Homewood, AL - (Lyda Rose Gallery) (link supplied by Charlie Prince)
Bob Dylan Pirata Bootlegs - (Spanish)
Copy-Protected CDs a Nightmare for BMG Germany - (Stereophile)

EDLIS What did these "Bobby Folks" do in '92? Contest! - 21 questions.

Friday, February 11:
On Entertainment Tonight, a first look at Bob Dylan's "Things Have Changed". New video, directed by Curtis Hanson, from the upcoming film Wonder Boys. Bob's first new song since his Grammy-winning Time Out Of Mind appears on the Wonderboys soundtrack. In the US @ 7PM EST.

Rock titles fulfill promise of DVD - (Bergen Record)
From Dylan To Aguilera, Old Hands And Rookies Pepper New Soundtracks - (Sonicnet) (link found by johanna2)
Bob Dylan: on film and television - nice site from Stephen Dunthorne!
Dylan do filmu - Filmowy Dylan - (Polish) (links found by Artur Jarosinski)

Thursday, February 10:
March concert dates announced. Details at Bob Dates.
Al Kooper & the Rekooperators play Wetlands in NY Saturday - (Bergen Record)
iMac commercial with "Forever Young" soundtrack - (Apple. 4,9 MB QuickTime) (link found by Barry Klatzkin)
Swedes M Hederos & M Hellberg have released a covers CD wich includes "You’re A Big Girl Now". Review in Swedish - click on "skivor feb", then on "M Hederos & M Hellberg". (link found by Niclas Carlsson)

Wednesday, February 9:
The Bridge web site has been updated. Have a look, then subscribe to the magazine!
Hurricane Victim Kin Say Killer Is Glorified - (NY Times) (link found by Alex Leik)
Bob Dylan zeigte sich großzügig - (Stern) (link found by Thomas Erle)
Cactus Data Shield - A new copy protection attempt by the music industry, said to make copying of your CDs on a computer impossible. But also creates problems for some audio CD players.
Baez wins BBC folk award - (Q) (link found by Sean McArdle)

Tuesday, February 8:
D.A. Pennebaker, Filmmaker Transcript from February 3, 2000 - (Time) (link found by Sean McArdle)
Derroll Adams - (The Times) (link found by Andrew F Wilson)

Monday, February 7:
Believe it or not, Dylan and fashion in the same article: Men's Fashion Shows: Puff Daddy's Cut Is `Not Too Baggy, Not Too Tight' - (NY Times) (link found by Doug Wilber)
When He Was Just a Little Rolling Stone - (OC Weekly) - about the book Early Dylan.
1965 Dylan Film Coming to DVD - (AP) Available from
Looking back on Don't Look Back - (Halifax Herald) (link found by Dag E Braathen)
Dylan in '65, 'an amazing prodigy' - (MSNBC) (link found by Alex Leik)
McCleary injury shocks Necker - (azcentral) (nasally sound towards the end)
All She Needs Is Love Songs - (LA Times) (Joni Mitchell, tired of pop's current state, turns to an album of standards.)

Sunday, February 6:
Death of Derroll Adams - (DejaNews) (noted by Martin Grossman) - Who's Who entry
I Am Lawyer, Hear Me Whine - (NYTimes) (link found by Bernard J. Farber)
Learning How To Be King - (NY Times) No Dylan Content, but so what?
Abdullah II, king of Jordan, watches Dharma and Greg and walks in disguise among his people.
New address for the Book of Bob

Saturday, February 5:
Meet the kid behind the DVD hack - (CNN)
A new BDX by Mark Carter.
Real Life Rock Top 10 by Greil Marcus - (Salon)
The book The Seventies: The Age of Glitter in Popular Culture contains Greil Marcus' long piece on Bob Dylan's "Self Portrait".
Bob Dylan in French (Link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
Hearts of Fire is on UK television tonight (well, early Sunday morning) Channel 5 12.50 a.m. (noted by Geraint Williams)
Susan Tedeschi may appear with Bob Dylan - (USA Today) (link found by Alex Leik)
Harry Smith Connection is a tribute CD to Harry Smith, creator of the Anthology Of American Folk Music.

Friday, February 4:
"Forever Young" by Bob Dylan is the soundtrack to a new Apple iMac TV spot.
At the January MacWorld Expo Steve Jobs showed an iMovie made by one of the Apple executives. The soundtrack to this one was the Green Day song Time of Your life. -If you watch this you will see that Sina's iMovie (QuickTime streaming, go to 13.50) is the same as the TV ad, only longer, and with a different soundtrack.

Thursday, February 3:
Live Chat with D.A. Pennebaker tonight (
D.A. Pennebaker, director of the recently reissued Don't Look Back, will participate in a chat session at on Thursday, February 3, at 8 p.m. eastern standard time. In the the TIME Auditorium on Yahoo! Chat.

A new BDX, by Bruce Hughes.
Updated BARF list - (A list of Bob Dylan mentions in non-Bob-Dylan songs)
Disillusioned Dylan releases new single - (Aftonbladet) (Swedish) (link found by Niclas Carlsson)
Cover Down - (CD by Rich Lerner and the Groove) (link found by Geir Olsen from The Land Of The Midnight Sun)
How Does It Feel? You Don't Even Want to Know. - (Newsweek) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
mp3 free-for-all (Napster) - (Salon)
Review of Late Night Live, a CD by Navel Flush. (My son John plays in the band.)
"Forever Young" by Bob Dylan is the soundtrack to a new Apple iMac TV spot - is it on the Web?

Wednesday, February 2:
(Gabrielle's Dylan sample) - (Billboard) (link found by Steven Dube)
EXCLUSIVE: 'WHAT A LOVELY MAN!' - (dotmusic) (link found by Simon Clayton)
(A gift from Bob Dylan) (to Natalie Cole) - (NY Times) (link found by Bernard J. Farber)

Tuesday, February 1:
Dharma and Greg episode with Bob Dylan cameo will be repeated in the US today ABC at 9 PM ET.
Gore, Dylan, Bush, Everly Brothers Converge On Campaign Trail - (SonicNet) (link found by Rich Petlock)

Monday, January 31:
Wonder Boys music site - (Sony Music)
The Rubin Carter Case - (National Press) (archived by Marion Hitzenhammer)
Mother of Bob Dylan dies - (MSNBC) (link found by Alex Leik)
Presleyites, Dylanists and Springsteenians - (NY Times) (link found by Bernard J. Farber and Patrick Kelly)
Guthrie's First Bid for Glory: With a Paintbrush - (NY Times) (link found by Bernard J. Farber and Patrick Kelly)
Hurricane's last foe - Patti Valentine - (Miami Herald) (link found by Patrick Kelly)

Sunday, January 30:
Beatrice Rutman, mother of troubadour Bob Dylan dies - (Phoenix Open) (link found by Magne Karlstad)
Online chat with John Prine - ( (link found by Scott Hakes)
Dylan Contributes New Song To "Wonder Boys" Film - (mtv) RealAudio clip included. (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer and Patrick K)
Cruise Superb in a Wild `Magnolia' - (SF Gate) (link found by Patrick K)
The MTV Celebrity Deathmatch with Bob-Jacob Dylan and Jerry-Ben Stiller will air on MTV (presumably in the USA) on Sunday Jan 30 at 2:30 PM EST.

Saturday, January 29:
Bob Dylan's mother, Beatrice Rutman, is dead.
Bob Dylan's mother dead at 84 - (Duluth News)
Obituary: Beatrice Rutman, mother of Bob Dylan - (Star Tribune)
Bob Dylan's mother, Beatrice Rutman, fondly recalled at memorial - (Pioneer Planet)
Who's Who entry

Wednesday, January 26:
Rubin `Hurricane' Carter Tells His Side of the Story in `The Hurricane" - (CNN Transcript) (link found by Brian James)
I will be off line (almost) until the end of the week!

Tuesday, January 25:
Steve Earle The professor of folk rock - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by Bernard J. Farber)
Cover Down Dylan covers - (Free The Music) (Rich Lerner & The Groove)
John Estes - (SonicNet) (link found by Nick Miller)

Monday, January 24:
When He Paints His Masterpiece - ( (link found by may isis)
Dylan's "Hurricane": A Look Back - (Rolling Stone News) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)

Sunday, January 23:
Things Have Changed lyrics transcribed by James A. King.

If you are looking for sheet music, try Sheet Music Plus.
Here is their Bob Dylan selection.

Bob Fass Show 1963 - two mp3s (64 kbps, 16000 kHz, 1 MB, two minutes each):
"Harold Johns, poet" - "Time Machine" (with Suze Rotolo).
When Justice Is a Game - (NY Times) (Hurricane book review) (link found by Bernard J. Farber)

Saturday, January 22:
Larry King's show last night on CNN: Hurricane (repeat today).
'Don't Look' now - (Chicago Tribune) (link found by Bernard J. Farber)
Bloack Diamond Bay cartoon in the BDX.

Friday, January 21:
Thanks, 'Crazy Chester,' whoever the heck you are - (Arkansas Online) (link found by John Gregan)
Bob Dylan i godt selskap - (Aftenposten) (Norwegian) Review of Håvard Rem's book "Bob Dylan".
(link found by Jan Gulbrandsen)

Don't Look Back will be on French Canal Jimmy (Satellite and Cable) tonight at 10PM. Before that a special on D Pennebaker will start at 9PM.
Master of the Rockumentary - (International Herald Tribune)

Thursday, January 20:
Dylan sets the tone for 'Wonder Boys' - (USA Today) New Dylan song: Things Have Changed (link found by Brian James)
Wonder Boys QuickTime trailer. (link found by Dag E. Braathen) Wonder Boys soundtrack at from February 15.

Bob Dylan trolig til Spektrum i mai - (Aftenposten) (Norwegian) Quotes Expecting Rain as usually well informed web site. (link found by Espen Aas)
Turning Carnatic music Jazzy - (The Hindu) mentions "Alphonso Johnson, who has `bassed' his guitar for Santana, Weather Report, Billy Cobham, Bob Dylan, Phil Collins and many other artistes of International repute."

Tuesday, January 18:
Fog Lifts From Dylan's Overlooked 1978 Masterpiece - (Remastered Street Legal reviewed) (slow site?)
Documenting Dylan D.A. Pennebaker interview about new DVD & VHS of Don't Look Back. -
Available from
Prine Time - (San Fransisco Examiner) (link found by Otto Thompson)
negru-alb - New Romanian Dylan cover album.

Monday, January 17:
Cosmic Baseball Association - (Who's on first?) (link found by Tim Rahto)
Sailing around the letter of the law Sites unite pirates in plundering music's treasure - (USA Today) (link found by Alex Leik)

Sunday, January 16:
Best Zim-Art of All Time - in the BDX.
Also let me remind you of Paolo Faresi's cartoon of All Alongh The Watchtower.
(I thought I published this Dec 29th, but had to upload the files again today.)

Spoiling for a fight? - (USA Today - Edna Gundersen) (link found by Otto Thompson)
Stern und Dylan erhalten Polarpreis - (Spiegel online) (German) (link found by Thomas Erle)
George Harrison Grateful For Support - (AP) (link found by Dag E. Braathen)
King Holiday Was Long, Tough Battle - (AP) (link found by Dag E. Braathen)

Saturday, January 15:
Small correction to Deep Beneath the Waves 81 concerning "Hallelujah".
How Big Rick became Little Richard - (Sydney Morning Herald) (only some Dylan content)

Friday, January 14:
Single Obsession (Hurricane) - (Hartford Courant) (by Roger Catlin)
Four November mp3's

Thursday, January 13:
You might want to study this new development at - (link found by Bernard J. Farber)
If Dylan goes to Stockholm to accept the Polar Music Prize award, he will be likely to play some concerts while in Scandinavia. Possible dates: May 15: award ceremony, May 16 & 17: Swedish concerts, May 19: Oslo.
Dylan wins music's "Nobel" - (Jam!)
This Hurricane is full of hot air - (The Star Ledge) (link found by Crystal)
Bob Dylan Wins The Polar Music Prize - (
Award founder, ABBA manager Stig Andersson, actually tried to convince the Swedish Academy to use his money to institute a Nobel prize for music. When they declined, The Royal Swedish Academy of Music did almost the same instead.

Wednesday, January 12:
I Happen To Be A Swede Myself !! Olof Björner's Dylan Home page.
Dylan And Stern Win Top Swedish Music Priz - (Reuters - Yahoo)
Bob Dylan and Isaac Stern awarded the Polar Music Prize - (Aftonbladet) (Swedish)(link found by Jan Semneby, Dante, Espen Aas, Anders Fajersson, Niclas Carlsson)
Musical and poetic brilliance - (Aftonbladet)
Dylan and Stern get this year's Polar Prize - (Dagens Nyheter) (Swedish)
This year's Polar Prize to Dylan - (Expressen) (Swedish)
The Polar Music Prize - (official site - in English) (link found by Jan Semneby)
Stern und Dylan erhalten Polarpreis - (Der Spiegel) (German) (link found by Hans Juckel)

"My Back Pages" cover version on The Spinatras' '' to be released January 25,
order from

Tuesday, January 11: - (The other) Dylan tops the list of downloads here.
Al is revealed to be a Bob fan - (Glamour magazine press release)
Doug Sahm tribute show reviewed in Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune (link found by Bernard J. Farber)
Etheridge reveals David Crosby fathered her kids - (Chicago Tribune) (link found by Dag E. Braathen)
Melissa's Secret - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Bernard J. Farber)

Sunday, January 9:
Bob Dylan's First Public Performance Since Motorcycle Accident - (Psychedelic News)
Dylanology: Keats With a Guitar -- The Times Sure Are a-Changin' - (NY Times, free, but registration required) (link found by Bernard J. Farber and levnote)

Saturday, January 8:
The Sydney 1966 concert is available in mp3 format here
It makes no difference - (mp3 files)

Friday, January 7:
Bob Dylan's classic documentary `Don't Look Back' reissued on DVD - (DAVID HINCKLEY - New York Daily News)
Don't Look Back on VHS and DVD available from
Canoe 2000: Jam! Showbiz Polls - (Canadian) (link found by dag braathen)

Hurricane's Story, One Hell of a Movie - (Rex Reed in the New York Observer) (link found by William Robertson, Jr.)
The Hurricane - (official movie site) (link found by Bob Meyer)
Soundtrack includes Bob Dylan's "Hurricane", CD out Jan 11 at
The Other Side Of The Story - (from a friend of Patty Valentine)
Hurricane :[ the miraculous journey of RUBIN CARTER ] - (book) from
The Hurricane (Salon)

Thursday, January 6:
A new BDX by Mark Carter, taken from Freewheelin'. Vol 14 is now out!
His Long Ordeal Is Over, His Story Told on Film. 'Hurricane' Carter Has Won Justice. - (Washington Post) (link found by Doug Evans, Amy Fuhrman)
The Hurricane - (Entertainment Weekly)
VH1 Names 100 Greatest Rock Songs - (Tampa Bay Online) (link found by Joe Pop)

Today this month's Japanese version of GQ magazine was published, containing a Bob Dylan article ranging about 50 pages, of course including several photos. (from Hideki Tanaka)

Wednesday, January 5:
Rick Danko's last show - (Acoustic Cafe) (link found by John Zureick)
The drill sergeant of Canadian rock 'n' roll (Ronnie Hawkins) - (Globe and Mail) (link found by Arthur Louie)
The Hurricane review - ( (link found by Sean McArdle)

Tuesday, January 4:
A New Deep Beneath The Waves!
Reissued film classic looks back at Dylan - (Plain Dealer) (link found by Brian Kolonick)
What the world was listening to - (South China Morning Post) (link found by Thomas Erle)

Monday, January 3:
Albums as Mileposts in a Musical Century - (NY Times, free registration required) (link found by Joe P)

Sunday, January 2, 2000:
Beatles' Harrison a recluse in 100 rooms - (deseretnews)
Recording's Top Players - (NY Post)

Saturday, January 1, 2000:
Happy New Year!

One more new performance at

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